Background Check in Vietnam for Employees: The Essentials

A background check in Vietnam is an imperative screening procedure during the pre-employment step. Here is what you need to know

A background check is an important part of the screening procedure for new employees. 

Companies that perform background checks thoroughly protect their businesses from various potential risks. This is no different when doing business in Vietnam. Well-performed background checks go deeper than face value. To avoid misrepresentation or deception, this article will cover the essentials and how Cekindo can help.   

Reasons for Performing Background Checks on Employees in Vietnam

There are many obvious reasons your company needs to perform thorough background checks. They include: 

  • To get the most talented and qualified people to fit your job positions
  • To create a safe workplace for staff, clients, vendors, and stakeholders
  • To avoid criminal activity such as theft and misconduct between employees
  • To discourage applicants from concealing their previous records and forge fake information
  • To promote candidates’ integrity and honesty during their interview and application processes
  • To minimize the risk of legal liabilities due to unlawful activity by employees

What to Check

1. Check Criminal Record

Checking a candidate’s criminal record is an important first step. It allows a company to know if a potential hire has committed any previous crimes. Or, is a potential threat to the organization.

2. Verify Former Education, Qualifications, and Certifications

Employers need to fill specialized positions with the right people. A background check will verify the potential candidate’s former education, qualifications, and certifications. If done well, employers will attract the right people for the right positions. 

3. Investigate Employment History

Investigating and verifying a potential hire’s employment history is important. This allows companies to know more about an applicant’s previous job responsibilities and their ability to keep a stable job. 

4. Request and Gather Quality References 

Requesting quality references are also essential for a background check in Vietnam. References will provide insights into a potential hire’s recent job performance history. 

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5. Review Credit History 

Employers need to know if a potential hire is financially responsible. Checking their credit history can help do so. This is even more important for positions that handle financial transactions. 

6. Conduct Regular Drug and Alcohol Screenings

Automotive and aviation companies must conduct regular drug and alcohol screening. This is to ensure that employees operating vehicles will not be under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 

Outsource the Recruitment Process with Cekindo

The recruitment process can be painful and time-consuming. It’s understandable why business owners in Vietnam can feel overwhelmed. To ease such difficulties, Cekindo has dedicated professionals with years of experience that are ready to help. 

We help streamline the entire recruitment process for businesses in Vietnam. This includes thorough background checks for education, criminal activity, credit history, and much more. 

For companies to thrive in the Vietnamese market, an effective recruitment process leads to getting the right people into the right position. 

At the moment Cekindo is unable to assist with the following services:

1. Check Criminal Record

2. Review Credit History

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