Tips & Tricks for Naming Your New Business in Vietnam

If you’re ready to go ahead with your business registration in Vietnam, you will first want to name your new business to register it.

If you are ready to go ahead with your business registration in Vietnam, you will first want to name your new business. Choosing a business & an appropriate name is not as easy as it sounds. This is because you need to pick a business name that is professional, to set your business from your competitions and comply with the Vietnamese Law.

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Your business name gives your business an identity. But, registering and trademarking your business name in Vietnam is also an important step to protect your brand and your business. Having a trademark for your business name carries your company’s reputation. It also prohibits others from registering the same company and avoids infringement and theft.

Every business owner should be well aware of the process and important elements of naming your business in Vietnam. In this article, our team of business incorporation specialists summarizes the tips and tricks for naming your new business in Vietnam.

Tips and Tricks for Naming Your New Business in Vietnam

Here are the key things to consider when coming up with your new business name:

  1. Be authentic. Your business name should have a story behind it.
  2. Be original. Think of something short, memorable, and unique, and do not copy others.
  3. Be familiar. You need a name that is easy to pronounce and people can resonate to easily.
  4. Be smart. Choose a name based on the structure of your company so it will have the same name as your bank account.

Requirements for Naming Your New Business in Vietnam

Before starting your quest for business registration in Vietnam, you should have a clear idea of requirements you must comply with for naming your business.

All business structures in Vietnam must have a chosen business name that is legally registered and meets all criteria:

  • Select three business names
  • Must have a Vietnamese name, a foreign name, and an abbreviated name if you’re a foreign company.
  • A brand new business name that is not previously registered
  • The legal structure of the company must be included in the name

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What If You Want to Change Your Business Name Later?

It is possible to change your business name in the future under several conditions:

  • The current business name does not apply to new products or services
  • The company goes through merger and acquisition
  • The company is re-branded
  • The business name is generic or confusing

Should You Trademark Your Business Name?

The short answer is yes. Especially when your business name is unique to your products and services, and you want to protect your intellectual property. This can prevent competitors from stealing your business name, of which you work so hard to build the brand.

You can trademark your business name in Vietnam by submitting your application to the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam. If you are not sure about the process, you can consult first with us.

How Cekindo Can Assist with Business Registration in Vietnam

Cekindo is an independent business consultancy company that provides a comprehensive range of business services including business registration in Vietnam. We have a broad scope of clients from all over the world, ranging from private individuals to international corporations.

Our innovative and reliable professional solutions are based on direct experience working with organisations and individuals in different industries. We go all out to assist our clients in acquiring competitive advantage and then maintaining it, as well as gaining tangible outcomes for their business.

If you are about to start with your business registration in Vietnam, you will first need to determine the business name and the business structure that best fits your business needs.

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