A Guide to Establishing a Cosmetics Factory in Vietnam

Vietnam cosmetics market has become burgeoning investment heaven for investors. Find out the statistics and how to open a cosmetics factory in Vietnam.

Vietnam cosmetics market has become burgeoning investment heaven for many local and foreign investors. According to Statista.com, the cosmetics demand in Vietnam has spiked shockingly, with cosmetics import increased more than twice the amount since 2010: US$ 355 million in 2010 compared to US$ 790 million in 2018.  Furthermore, due to increasing demand for cosmetic products with natural ingredients, the cosmetics market in Vietnam is expected to grow even more until 2027.

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Requirements to Establish a Cosmetics Factory in Vietnam

Before setting up your cosmetics factory in Vietnam, Cekindo recommends you seek advice for getting complete requirements related to your business.

Here we list out the essential requirements for your reference:

1. Facility Conditions

Your cosmetics factory is required to have a professional location that fulfills all standards and infrastructure conditions. The equipment utilised for cosmetics production must also meet all requirements.

Furthermore, it is compulsory to have storage areas or warehouses to store finished goods and packaging materials, and/or cold storage areas for product preservation. If you have explosive, flammable, toxic, rejected, and returned materials, you should also need a separate and designated area to store them.

2. Quality Management System

Having a quality management system in place is very important for starting a cosmetics establishment. All raw materials and materials used for the production must meet the quality set out by the authorities as well as the manufacturer’s quality system.

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Furthermore, a water treatment system is necessary with water distributed for use in production. Also, to have all the systems and infrastructure installed, the cosmetics factory will need a quality department to go through rigorous quality checking of raw materials and finished goods. All these quality management systems and operations ensure that cosmetics comply with Vietnam’s regulations and laws as well as protecting their brand.

Documents Required for Company Registration in Vietnam

To set up a cosmetics factory in Vietnam, individuals or companies must prepare and submit the following documents to the Department of Planning and Investment for successful company registration:

  • Enterprise registration application
  • Charter of the company
  • Lists of shareholders or founding members
  • Notarised copy of business registration certificate
  • Notarised copy of identification document of individuals, shareholders, and founding members
  • Notarised copy of identification document of the company’s legal representative
    Power of attorney

Individuals or enterprises must also apply for a cosmetics production license/certificate to operate their business legally:

  • Application Form 02
  • Facility’s design and layout plan
  • List of equipment
  • List of products
  • Products’ quality standards

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Company Registration Process in Vietnam

The process of company registration in Vietnam can be less of a hassle and relatively easy if you get the right assistance from a professional:

  1. Prepare and submit the above-mentioned mandatory documents for cosmetics factory setup.
  2. Announce the company registration information on the National Enterprise Registration Portal of Vietnam within 30 days, starting from the date when the registration is approved.
  3. Carve and announce the company’s seal samples to the Department of Planning and Investment. The relevant authority will then publish the cosmetics business on the National Portal of Vietnam.
  4. Apply for a cosmetics certificate to prove that all personnel in the cosmetics company have adequate qualifications and relevant industry expertise.

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Launching new ventures in the Vietnam cosmetics market can be a costly, time-consuming, and intimidating experience. This is even truer in a regulatory environment that changes so quickly.

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Once you have incorporated your company in the Vietnam cosmetics market, we can offer ongoing advice and assistance to make sure your business reaches its full potential.

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