How to Start a Golf Course Business in Vietnam

Golfing in Vietnam has gained so much momentum and attracted a large number of global investors. To start a golf course business here’s your guide.

Golfing in Vietnam has gained so much momentum over the years and it has attracted a large number of global investors to start a golf course business in the country.

In 2012, the International Association of Golf Travel Operators (IAGTO) even crowned Vietnam as the “Undiscovered Golf Destination of the Year” (1).

Currently, there are approximately 35 active golf courses in Vietnam, and 65 projects are still in the progress of planning, developing, and constructing. Several famous golf courses in Vietnam are Danang Golf Club, The Bluffs at Ho Tram Strip, and Vietnam Golf and Country Club, just to name a few.

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If you are thinking of breaking into this dynamic golf course business scene in Vietnam, this article is what you need.

Requirements for Building a Golf Course in Vietnam

Constructing a golf course in Vietnam requires investors to meet the following criteria:

  • The golf course’s location must comply with regulations of provincial planning, district land use planning, and other relevant planning
  • The golf course’s location must satisfy the requirements when it comes to the construction of landscape, structure, as well as internal and external technical infrastructure
  • The golf course’s location must satisfy the conditions in terms of water protection such as water pollution control, flood control systems, water resources, and natural disaster prevention and control
  • Investors must meet all conditions regarding the land lease, financial capacity, land repurposing
  • Investors must pay a project execution deposit according to the investment law
  • Investors shall comply with all requirements concerning wastewater treatment, environmental protection, and power, traffic, and water infrastructure
  • Investors have to provide local staff with training, relocation, and employment assistance

Restrictions on Land Use and Activities for Golfing in Vietnam

There are some types of land that are not allowed to be utilised for golf course construction for golfing in Vietnam:

  • Land for national security and defense purposes
  • Paddy land, forest land, excluding certain land specified by-laws
  • Land for construction of industry clusters, industrial parks, hi-tech parks, and information technology parks
  • Land in areas of famous landscapes and cultural and historical relics, unless specified in the Decree
  • Land for flood control systems and coastal protection under the law of the Natural Resources and Environment of Seas and Island

Furthermore, the following activities are prohibited when constructing and running a golf course in Vietnam:

  • Using the golf course for unlawful activities such as illegal gambling and betting
  • Failure to provide golf course information and report to relevant authorities
  • Failure to comply with inspection or audit carried out by authorities or agencies under the law

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Other Conditions to be Fulfilled by Investors

There are also certain conditions for investors to fulfill in regard to golf course construction and expansion, as well as its related auxiliary works:

  • A standard golf course’s area with 18 holes shall not be more than 90 hectares, i.e. on average should be not more than 5 hectares per hole
  • The area of the golf course which is built for the first time can’t exceed 270 hectares or 54 holes. The golf course investor shall also finish the 18-hole golf course construction within 36 months and other sizes of a golf course within 48 months, starting from the land lease date

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