Requirements for Setting up a General Hospital in Vietnam

Lack of medical staff and overcrowded hospitals are challenges in healthcare industry in Vietnam. Dive in by setting up a general hospital. Learn how.

Strong economic growth, increase in disposable income and significant demographic changes are the reasons healthcare industry and medical services are on the rise in Vietnam. Just in 2017 alone, the healthcare sector contributed to 7.6% of the country’s total GDP and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% by 2021.

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Major challenges, however, still present in Vietnam in the healthcare and medical industry such as lack of medical staff, outdated medical devices and equipment, overcrowding, as well as the shortage of intensive care units.

Therefore, there are tons of opportunities for investors to tap into in these areas such as medical devices, healthcare services, and pharmaceuticals. In this article, we’ll focus on how you can set up a general hospital in Vietnam.

Conditions and Requirements for Setting up a Hospital in Vietnam

1. Foreign Investment Capital

A minimum of US$20 million for a general hospital

2. Capacity of the Hospital

A minimum of 30 patient beds

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3. Hospital Facilities

  • Must be built into a self-contained block building with adequate departments, hallways and rooms. All sections must be interconnected.
  • Aseptic environments in accordance with law
  • At least 10-metre wide hospital façade and 50-metre-square bed per patient
  • Comply with all safety requirements
  • Ensure sufficient water and electricity supply

4. Hospital Organisation

  • A minimum of 2 different departments from the following: surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics or obstetrics
  • Patient reception, consultation room, minor surgery room and emergency and patient stay room must be available at the medical examination department
  • At least a testing unit and an image diagnosis unit at the sub-clinical department
  • A pharmaceutical department and other required departments

5. Medical Equipment of Hospitals

  • Sufficient medical instruments and equipment
  • Sufficient vehicles for emergency transportation

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6. Hospital Personnel

  • A minimum of 50% full-time practitioners at each department
  • The number and title of staff must be in compliance to standards by the Ministry of Health
  • A chief physician and head of clinical department must be a full-time certified doctor with at least one specialty registered at the hospital and has worked as a healthcare practitioner for at least 54 months
  • The head of subclinical department must be the head of the laboratory department with required specialisation and university or higher-level degree
  • The head of microbiology department must be a certified doctor with specialisation in microbiology and relevant university or higher-level degree
  • The head of surgery must be a full-time certified doctor with specialisation in surgery, relevant training certificate and university or higher-level degree. He/she must also have worked in a laboratory or microbiology department for a minimum of 54 months or as a practitioner in microorganism, surgery or testing for at least 36 months
  • The head of the pharmaceutical department must be a full-time staff at the hospital with required qualification
  • The head of image diagnosis or X-ray department must be a doctor with a practice certificate in image diagnosis and have conducted the image diagnosis medical examination and treatment for at least 54 months or practiced image diagnosis for a minimum of 36 months
  • The hospital shall assign qualified personnel to be in charge of the radiation safety

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