Tips for Hiring a Software Developer in Vietnam

Currently, there is a strong demand for IT professionals, particularly software developers, in Vietnam. Here’s how to hire a software developer in Vietnam.

Currently, there is a strong demand for Information Technology (IT) professionals in Vietnam due to its flourishing digital and IT landscape.

In 2019, companies in Vietnam required approximately 63,000 IT positions to be filled, especially in areas such as data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and big data. Indeed, demand grew 56% over the previous year and was recorded to be five-time higher than it was in 2015.

In terms of the size of the IT workforce, it is estimated that Vietnam has a grand total of 430,000 software developers in the workforce, one of the largest in the world. This is backed by approximately 50,000 fresh graduates entering the workforce every year.

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The rise of technology startups and innovative digital solutions are the main reasons that contribute to this staggering demand. Furthermore, companies looking for applying advanced technology desire to recruit more IT talent to assist them with their digital transformation.

Snapshot of Vietnam's IT industry

Software Developer Types Available in Vietnam

The field of software development is vast and there are many different roles involved. For a software development project to work out successfully, a company should include different types of software developers in their team.

Here are some of the most popular types:

1. Frontend Developers

Frontend developers are specialists in user interface development. They include web developers with expertise in CSS, HTML5, Javascript, CMS, and WordPress, and frontend developers with Angular or ReactJS knowledge.

2. Backend Developers

This type of developer specialises in the performance and logic behind an application via the integration of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Common backend developers are C developers, Java developers, .NET developers, PHP developers, NodeJS developers, Python developers, and Ruby developers.

3. Mobile Developers

Another type of software developer is mobile developers. Mobile developers specialise in mobile technology such as creating applications for Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, or Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platforms. Developers with expertise in Ionic or React Native are also part of this category and are more difficult to find.

4. Offshore Full Stack Developers

Fullstack developers can manage both backend and frontend software development in terms of Javascript, PHP, NodeJS, C# Net, etc.

Salary and Benefits Expected by a Software Developer in Vietnam

Software developers in Vietnam often expect the following salaries and benefits for them to consider joining your company. Below is a guide for your reference:

1. Salary

  • Junior developers with 2 to 3 years of experience: US$500 – US$1,200 monthly
  • Senior developers with 3 to 7 years of experience: US$1,000 – US$2,000 monthly
  • UI / UX designers: US$600 to US$2,000 monthly

2. Tax and Insurance

Employers in Vietnam are required to pay for their software developers’ taxes, social insurance, health insurance, trade union fees, and unemployment insurance. All these payments may be as much as 15% to 35% of an employee’s base salary.

3. Other Benefits

It is also very common to include the following in an employee’s benefits package and employers may consider them depending on their necessities and an employer’s ability:

  • A bonus on the Lunar New Year equals at least a one-month salary. This bonus is different from performance bonuses
  • Annual company trip (domestic or overseas)
  • Annual company dinner or party
  • Private health insurance
  • Training and career advancement opportunities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Premium office facilities

Suggested Due Diligence on Software Developer Candidates

As Vietnam is an emerging market with an education system that in general lags behind that of the west, we do suggest paying extra attention to the background of your outsourcing candidates. That includes two essential types of background checks: 1) a Professional Background Check, meaning cross-referencing the candidate’s past experience and making sure it’s accurate and his/her performance was acceptable. and 2) a Criminal background check, which is standard procedure for recruitment.

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