How to Obtain an HR License in Vietnam

Obtaining an HR Licence in Vietnam is one of the requirements to start HR agencies and Recruitment Services Companies. How to get it? Learn here.

Human Resources agencies are responsible for providing and managing competent employees to local and international firms. That is why it is monitored with strict rules and regulations in Vietnam. The government does have strict rules and regulations for foreign investors looking to establish a company for providing outsourced HR services in Vietnam.

The HR Companies are divided into two branches:

1. Employment Services Agencies

Employment Service Companies provide various services to their clients in Vietnam. The most important one among them is providing counseling to the employees of a firm. These agencies counsel the people to get a job, select an occupation based on their skill set, and provide them counseling services that would help them clear the recruitment exams.

How to Register HR License

According to Decree No. 52/2014/ND-CP, the HR license for employment services agencies is valid for only five years (60 months). After that period, the license needs to be renewed. The enterprise applying for the license must have a stable location used as the head office for at least three years. The enterprise can own the building, or it can be rented property. But relevant documents must be attached to the application dossier.

The registration process requires an amount to be deposited to the bank. The enterprise must deposit 300,000,000 VND to the bank where it has opened its main transaction account and this amount of capital would be frozen into the bank account during company operation. After completing all these requirements, the application forms and the documents are submitted to the government. The government will respond to the application within 15 days.

A point worth noting is that Decree No. 23/2021/ND-CP on detailing employment service centers and employment service enterprises will take effect on June 1st, 2021. Whereby, the newly added conditions are that the company’s statutory representative must be the business manager, should not be facing any criminal prosecution, and must have at least a bachelor or 2 years’ work experience in connection with employment service within 05 consecutive years before applying for the license. Additionally, the settlement duration will be shortened to 7 working days.

2. Labour Outsourcing Services Agencies

Labour Outsourcing agencies are responsible for providing labor to the firm in times of need. If a firm has had a sudden increase in the demand for labor, a labor outsourcing agency will be responsible for providing fair labor. In case the labor at the firm is on maternity leave or has been involved in an accident, the labor outsourcing agency will help replace those workers. It ensures that the firm keeps operating at the optimal speed without any loss.

How to Register Labor dispatch License

The legal representative applying for the license for the firm must be in a managing position in the firm, should not have not have any criminal conviction, and the representative must have experience of at least three years of working in labor dispatch or labor supply in the last five years before the application for licensing is submitted. If a person follows all these requirements, they can apply for the license.

The license is only valid for five years (60 months). Once the period is over, the firm must renew the license before it can continue its operation. Before applying for the license, the enterprise must pay a deposit of 2,000,000,000 VND. It is important to Set Up a Labor dispatch Business in Vietnam.

Once these requirements are met, the enterprise can apply for the license. The relevant documents that need to be attached are a copy of the enterprise registration certificate and the certificate of the deposit made to the bank. The representative must also attach their resume, criminal record, and a certificate showing their experience in the field.

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