5 Important Uses of A Coworking Space in Ho Chi Minh City You Didn’t Know

If you are unsure about the advantages of a coworking space in Ho Chi Minh City, here are its 5 important uses that can help your business succeed.

Businesses around the world are moving towards flexible working spaces such as coworking spaces, virtual offices, and serviced offices. Vietnam, particularly its largest and most compact urban city—Ho Chi Minh City—has also seen coworking space as the future of the workplace. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, small-medium enterprises, large corporations are increasingly opting for coworking space in Ho Chi Minh City to cope with the lack of space and rising rentals in a prime location.

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Also, businesses choosing coworking spaces want to tap into many other benefits that come with embracing the coworking ecosystem.

This significant rise in the popularity of coworking space in Ho Chi Minh City is further fuelled by the rapid growth of startups that are getting into the coworking culture. For them, a coworking space is a ready-made and more feasible option when compared to a traditional office with a long lock-in period.

If you are unsure about the advantages of a coworking space, here are its 5 important uses that can help your business succeed.

5 Uses of a Coworking Space in Ho Chi Minh City You Didn’t Know About:

1. Making Connections

A coworking space can serve as a venue for a variety of events, workshops, and meet-ups. These activities are not just designed for meeting people and chit-chatting, it is more about sharing ideas and knowledge, making a connection, and building professional relationships.

This connection you make could be the business resources that you can access anytime in the future. Better again, some of this connection you make may become your personal friends outside work and provide you with emotional support.

2. Meeting Room for Interview

Some entrepreneurs have to go through a job interview with their candidates when they are on a business trip. However, a hotel lobby is never a good place to do the interview.

Not only that a candidate has to make a good impression on their employer, but an employer also has to make a professional impression on their candidates as well.

A lackluster, unprofessional crowded café, or a dimmed hotel lobby with people coming in and out – most candidates will choose to walk away from this company. A coworking space can solve this issue though.

If you need to interview for potential hiring in Ho Chi Minh City, you just need to rent a pay-as-you-go meeting room with a coworking space provider without any long-term commitment.

3. Celebrations, Gatherings, and Parties

A coworking space in Ho Chi Minh City is no longer limited to just hosting a professional and networking event. Now, you can also rent it for personal events such as birthday parties, alumni reunions, pre-wedding events, etc. The coworking space even offers catering services if you check with the provider.

4. Professional Profile Photos

The creative and modern environment of a coworking space is a perfect backdrop for professionals to take a picture as their profile photos. They utilise their professional photos on the resume, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other professional platforms.

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5. Training, Workshops, and Seminars

New businesses or entrepreneurs who have just started out often use coworking space as an ideal venue for holding workshops and seminars. Organising workshops and seminars at a coworking space enables them to share their knowledge and business information with their target audience.

Companies, big or small, also make use of coworking spaces to provide training to their employees.

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