Why Millennial Workers are Attracted to Companies using Virtual Offices in Ho Chi Minh City

Options for Virtual Offices in Ho Chi Minh city are becoming a popular choice for millennials looking to expand into Vietnam.

Millenials are considered one of the most entrepreneurial generations, and more and more of them are settling in emerging markets to start or expand their business. But what does the millennial generation have to do with a virtual offices in Ho Chi Minh City? Before going deeper into the discussion, it is best to understand more about the millennial generation in Vietnam.

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The generation born between 1980 and 2000 is what people call the millennials. They will soon come to dominate the workplace in Vietnam and shape the future of many companies. This expanding millennial group in Vietnam has also prompted many companies to change their strategies to cater to this younger and creative generation.

A report from Nielsen stated that millennials already make up to 70% of Vietnam’s workforce. Therefore, with the fast-growing Vietnamese economy, it is critical to attract and retain the best talents from this generation.

When compared with previous generations, when entering a workplace in the dynamic Ho Chi Minh City, millennials fundamentally have a different outlook on their work and career. They now seek careers with heightened employment experience and expectations of their employers.

Virtual Offices Is the Answer to the Millennials’ Needs

Starting your own business in Vietnam is no longer challenging and expensive. With a virtual office, you can set up your business easily with relatively low costs.

But that is not the best part. The most amazing thing about a virtual office is that it is the secret to attracting millennial employees.

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To understand why virtual offices are so attractive for millennials, it is important to know the benefits of virtual offices that cause such a dramatic shift:

1. Work-life Balance

It is for sure that millennials in the workplace desire to earn high salaries just like everyone else.

However, money is not the only priority they have in mind when it comes to working. They also see experiences and workplace culture, or whether they can make an impact on society and communities, as very valuable elements.

According to a report by Deloitte, 57% of the surveyed millennials chose traveling and seeing the world as part of their aspirations to work; 46% of them wanted to make a social impact.

2. Remote Work Opportunity

Many millennials frown upon the cooped up cubicles in a traditional office. This is why they like remote work and in fact, it makes them more motivated and productive. Higher productivity and satisfaction also makes these millennials stay longer on their job.

Due to the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the trend of remote work will keep going strong all over the world, including Ho Chi Minh City and entire Vietnam. This also means increasing demand for virtual offices.

3. Technology and Tools

Millennials are the digital generation due to the tech and Internet era they were born in.

As a result, high-performing and great quality technology and tools can define efficiency and productivity. These digital inventions also make working remotely possible and allow them to escape the traditional office space.

This is why millennials prefer virtual offices. Virtual offices in Ho Chi Minh City have the most advanced technological facilities and tools to keep the millennials engaged.

You can even book a meeting or conference room on request and they are all well-equipped with cutting-edge conferencing facilities and high-speed internet connection.

4. Flexibility and Freedom

Virtual offices give millennials the opportunities to travel and break away from the dreadful 9-5 traditional workplace culture.

As mentioned earlier, the millennial workforce values flexibility and freedom as much as they value the income, as compared to their previous generations.

Therefore, a virtual office provides an environment for millennial entrepreneurs and employees the freedom and flexibility to do their best work. With this flexibility comes a sense of being trusted and valued.

Why Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Ho Chi Minh City

Cekindo is one of the largest providers of virtual offices in Ho Chi Minh City. We have a comprehensive portfolio of prominent virtual addresses available to help you start and run your business in Vietnam.

All our virtual addresses are based on highly-reputable business districts and important commercial premises in the city center.

Buying or leasing office space in Ho Chi Minh City is expensive. It is often too costly for new startups and thus discourages them to test out a new market.

However, Cekindo’s virtual offices in Ho Chi Minh City give you the flexibility to choose the membership period that matches your business needs.

Cekindo has a wide range of virtual office solutions in Ho Chi Minh City for business purposes. Send us an inquiry and we will put you in touch with one of our consultants.

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