Avoid These Common Mistakes when Applying for a Visa in Vietnam

When it comes to visa applications in Vietnam, it is currently a fluid situation with constant changes from the government. We can help.

If you are a foreigner planning to attend a business meeting or go on a vacation in Vietnam, you are required to obtain a visa by going through a visa application process prior to your visit. Due to the current pandemic and Vietnam’s borders being closed, the situation is fluid. At the moment only business people can enter with a specialist visa.

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Vietnam, one of the gems of Southeast Asia, is a popular destination for investment and tourism. From the stunning landscapes, relaxing lifestyle, exotic cuisines, and dynamic business scenes, there is everything in Vietnam.

The process of getting visa approval in Vietnam is not difficult but mistakes in visa application process are very common. These mistakes may lead to visa rejection.

So here in this article, we have listed some of the most common mistakes foreigners face when applying for a Vietnam visa.

visa mistakes in vietnam

You’re Confused about Visa Type in Vietnam

Several types of visas can be found in Vietnam and most of the time foreigners are confused about the 1-month or 3-month single and multiple visas.

For these types of visa, you must specify the validity period when you apply, so that you’re permitted to stay in Vietnam with duration based on the validity. The maximum validity is 3 months and it starts from the date of arrival.

One thing to take note for a single-entry visa is that it only allows you to enter Vietnam once.

So once you exit the country, your visa is considered expired and you won’t be able to re-enter. As for multiple-entry visa, with that, you can enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within the valid period.

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You Apply for Visa-On-Arrival at the Border

It is important to know that visa-on-arrival (VOA) is only available when you travel by air and arrive at a Vietnam airport. That means there’s no VOA when you arrive in Vietnam at the land border or by sea.

So if you visit Vietnam by any means other than air, you shall apply for your visa at a Vietnam Embassy or Consulate prior to entering Vietnam.

You Do Not Know the Visa Requirements

The Vietnam visa requirements are different for each country. There is an exemption list available in Vietnam listing all the countries that are eligible for free visa to visit Vietnam.

So this is where you need to be extremely careful because if your country is not stated in the list and you do not apply for a visa before your arrival, you may be rejected for entry.

Therefore, check the visa requirements specified for your country in advance before traveling to Vietnam.

Other Common Mistakes

  • Wrong details on your visa application; details that are not the same with your passport
  • Not confirming visa status in the receipt
  • Not checking the information on the visa approval letter
  • Not knowing the validity and overstaying
  • Confused about the arrival date – you can only enter Vietnam on the arrival date specified on your visa
  • Forgetting to extend your visa
  • Not knowing if your visa is extendable

How Cekindo can Assist with Vietnam Visa Consultation & Application

Cekindo is a reliable and trusted full-service visa consultant in Vietnam, committed to delivering exceptional services to make your visit to Vietnam or your transition to a new life in the country easier.

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Cekindo assures you that your visa application will be handled and submitted in a timely manner in accordance to immigration law and regulation in Vietnam. We take pride in providing the right visa solution for you.

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