How to Successfully Onboard New Employees in Vietnam

Recruitment is closely related to successful employee onboarding in Vietnam. In this article, you can learn how to onboard new hires.

Every organization strives to find the best talent available in the market. However, after recruiting the required candidates, it is crucial to take steps to retain them. It is important that management is diligent in the recruitment process, as employee onboarding is often an overlooked – but significant – part of the process.

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Employee onboarding is conducted to acclimate the new employees to pertinent key individuals and coworkers, and orient them on the job roles. This process makes up for a crucial period of employee transition, usually taking about a week. Many companies tend to bypass this process and consequently, receive a lower employee engagement, poor productivity, and higher risks of employee error. For an effective approach, Cekindo has planned out a set of strategies to help companies with successful employee onboarding.

How to Successfully Onboard New Hires in Vietnam

1. Prepare a Plan

It is imperative for the company to have a plan for a new hire that clearly defines the job roles and deliverables. The plan should also include any responsibilities, training, and crucial meetings that they will need to attend. This will ensure that the recruits have a clear idea of their duties and responsibilities.

2. Ready the Fundamentals

For the recruit, the first day of the onboarding process is crucial. The company needs to take care of fundamental aspects like correctly setting up the workplace, providing them with their email account and login information, installing the applications they will need, and managing security access.

It is also important to give them a tour of the office, advise them on company policy, culture, and code, and have them fill out any essential paperwork.

3. Be Available for Them

New workers may be hesitant to raise questions since they are new to the workplace. Hence, one must set up meetings with new employees at the start of their job to encourage asking questions and offer feedback on their performance. Follow-up meetings are essential to keep them on track with their adaptation and to handle any concerns that may arise. Continuous communication is essential at every stage of an employee’s journey.

4. Create Relationships

Employees are more than just those who work for the company. In the workplace, the employees need to foster a sense of belonging, community, and purpose. The success of the company is inextricably linked to its culture.

One must be sure to introduce the new recruit to coworkers, supervisors, and other important people. Assist them in forming relationships with others so that they may successfully integrate into the company while maintaining the appropriate attitudes and beliefs.

5. Give Them Clear Roles and Objectives

When an employee understands their function and the objectives are clear, they will be more engaged. Explain their jobs, offer them a wider picture of the role, and show them how they can all work together to achieve the company’s goals. Giving them a glimpse into how they may be able to advance in the company might help them feel more committed and dedicated.

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Things to be Aware of Regarding Recruitment in Vietnam

Doing business in a new country can be a daunting task, especially when you have to overcome certain cultural and language barriers. Doing business and hiring the right talent in Vietnam can be done successfully with the right amount of research and knowledge of the country & its work culture. Something to take into consideration is that Vietnam has a higher than average turnover rate, reported by Vietcetera to be at 24%, well above the world average of 10%. In foreign-run companies, this can be due to a number of factors. Some of these include a lack of employee engagement, no feeling of company care, low salaries, and a lack of understanding of the local culture. Many foreign C-level directors land in the country with certain expectations, of those found in the west, without proper due diligence on doing business abroad. Don’t make those mistakes.

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