Did You Know that a PEO in Vietnam Offers These 5 Important Services?

A Professional Employer Organization, or a PEO, in Vietnam, offers you a lot of benefits especially when your company is growing.

A Professional Employer Organisation, or a PEO, in Vietnam, offers you a lot of benefits especially when your company is growing and expanding. In addition to employing workers for different companies and handling payroll & HR Outsourcing, a PEO has a lot more to offer.

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What we are going to talk about in this article are some of the advantageous but little-heard-of services a PEO can provide.

5 Essential PEO Services in Vietnam:

1. Strategic Planning

Having a strategic plan in place is an absolute must for your business. HR specialists from PEO can help in creating your company’s mission, vision, and value. These experts will first understand your objectives, services, and products.

They will also need to know the value you have for your human capital and then come up with a strategy that is in sync with your company culture and brand.

A PEO can also help in process and procedure development that is driven towards your strategic objectives.

2. Compensation Services

One of the services that a PEO can provide is compensation and a lot of people don’t know about it. Oftentimes, you can seek advice from the compensation specialists of the PEO provider.

A PEO’s compensation service comprises compensation planning, compensation philosophy or strategy development, and pay-for-strategic value to achieve your company’s strategic priorities.

3. Succession Planning

Companies are constantly evolving, including the people who work within. Succession planning is essential when your company is growing dynamically, or there is an employee’s promotion or retirement.

To ensure your business can strive continuously despite the inevitable change, you need to have succession planning in place and a PEO can help you with that.

Succession planning makes bridging the talent gap possible by understanding the skills, knowledge, and abilities existing in the company for development opportunities.

With the assistance of a PEO, you can easily identify the next movers and shakers of your organisation.

4. Staff Surveys

Knowing what your employees think and feel through surveys can help you monitor the work environment, company culture, leadership team, and employee satisfaction.

Employee surveys thus allow you to gather important feedback to help your business improve and reach a whole new level.

An expert PEO can assist you in carrying out different types of surveys, including employee onboarding surveys, employee opinion surveys, compensation and benefit perception surveys, and exit surveys.

The results collected will be analysed and presented insightfully by the PEO specialists. Then, they will recommend the necessary action steps to help you progress further.

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5. Training and Coaching

PEO also offers training and coaching services to help employees understand their goals, motivation, and passion. This can help bring positive and sustainable performance and results to the company.

Through PEO coaching, employees are seen to have better communication and time management skills, improved work performance, enhanced team productivity.

All these benefits added together can help boost your company’s overall growth and revenue.

Partner with Cekindo as Your PEO in Vietnam, Why?

Employees are the lifeblood of your business. However, hiring talent where you need them is a complex process that requires time and effort.

Vietnam has its own set of labour rules and regulations. Thus, a professional HR team and flawless HR structure are mandatory to ensure employee compliance in Vietnam.

Your HR professional should have full knowledge of the changing local employment, tax, and legal landscape.

Cekindo as your PEO in Vietnam provides all of the mentioned services, expertise, and more. We serve companies looking to expand their businesses and engage employees, but lacking the local network, facilities, and knowledge to do so.

With our people-focused and innovative approach, we help you to navigate the employment compliance, red tapes, and risks.

Now you can just focus on strategic business expansion and objectives while we help you increase performance, reduce costs, and give you peace of mind.

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