How do You Speed up Hiring Process in Vietnam?

The hiring process is important when running a company. How do you efficiently speed up the recruitment process in Vietnam?

A common strategy companies employ within the hiring process in Vietnam is associating a prolonged hiring process with recruiting a high-quality team. Although there is some merit to this argument, the pace could potentially leave you missing out on the best candidates. The importance of finding the balance between these will not only ensure you locate the sufficient applicants but in the best time possible. It can be a difficult process to make sure you have chosen the right candidates for the job but with these few tips on recruitment in Vietnam, particularly related to speeding up the hiring process, there are ways in which this could potentially save time.

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This article will suggest five quick tips in which the hiring process can be made quicker and to ensure that your company saves time whilst reaching the same goal and efficiency.

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Recruitment in Vietnam Tips for Speeding up Hiring Process

Create an accurate job description

Candidates need to know exactly what they are signing up for to ensure that no time is wasted on both parties. If the job description entails the ideal employee, it will eliminate other candidates that may not have the abilities or experience to sufficiently fulfil the role. The company could list a few specific skills they are looking out for to limit the number of applicants down.

Choose the correct advertisement

In some cases, the hiring process in Vietnam may take longer than usual because the right candidate has not been approached. One potential reason for this is that the job role has not been advertised sufficiently. The advertisement needs to be reached to many with the key phrases to appeal to a wide demographic. The domino effect then leads to a quicker response within the hiring and training stages.

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Hire from within the company

It may seem obvious, but this can be one of the best options to achieve a quick strategy. With many benefits that come along with this, it is inevitable that it should be considered as one of the first steps when recruiting candidates. If the applicant is successful it can be an easy transition to the new role as they are already aware of the structure of the company, therefore likely to have the skills and knowledge to go straight into work.

Be more selective

Ensure that you are selective in the application process and contemplate effectively on who you wish to interview. Upon the approval of an interview, there should be an initial idea on which individual fits best for the role. The clear indication will automatically allow you to be more selective in your decisions. Asking relevant questions is one way to getting the answers you need, leading you to be more selective.

Consider the importance of phone interviews

Phone interviews can be the first way to understand what type of candidate they are. Through communication, companies can ask the base questions that will have already determined whether they are perfect for the role. It can be clearly identified on what type of individual they are through the tone and content of the conversation. Those who have proven to be a potential candidate can be processed for an interview. Furthermore, if it comes to a case where the company is unsure between a group of applicants, group interviews can be another strategy in which to eliminate time.

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