Moving to Vietnam? Your Relocation Reference

If you are looking to make Vietnam your permanent home, this relocation checklist is your ultimate guide to moving to this beautiful country.

Foreigners & Foreign businesses relocating to Vietnam are in ever-increasing numbers. Low living costs, wonderful working and living conditions, high salaries, diverse landscapes, and a growing economy are the main driving factors for relocating to Vietnam.

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If you are looking to make Vietnam your permanent home, the relocation checklist below can be extremely helpful. The checklist will guide you on planning all the necessary steps for you to get there.

Relocation to Vietnam Checklist:

It is also important that you do all the necessary research before you start moving to Vietnam.

If you are unsure of certain requirements or have doubts, do get assistance from migration specialists or get in touch with the appropriate embassy.

1. Visas and permits

Make sure you apply for all required visas and permits as early as possible so that you allow time for the entire process to complete. Do check the expiry date of these documents and know if renewal is necessary for the very near future.

You may also need to renew your driver’s license or obtain an international driving license known as IDP/L. It is highly recommended that you carry both your national driver’s license and IDP/L when you have to drive.

2. Health Insurance

Every country has its own set of the healthcare system and insurance. Therefore, you may or may not be eligible for health insurance depending on your circumstances.

Do check them out with local authorities if you are qualified for the health insurance coverage including evacuation and medical protections.

3. Vehicle Insurance

If you plan to operate a vehicle in Vietnam as a foreigner, make sure you have the proper insurance in place. Find a reliable insurance provider who has the knowledge and expertise to help you get the appropriate vehicle insurance policy.

4. Property Insurance

International personal property insurance is an important policy because it can consist of transit and destination coverage. This insurance can provide protection coverage for items damaged during the process of relocation to Vietnam.

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5. Opening Bank Accounts

Before leaving your home country, review all your bank accounts and inform your home country’s banks of your relocation to Vietnam. You may also consider subscribing to international online banking as it gives you ease and convenience of fund transfer and management between Vietnam and your home country.

If you prefer to open a local bank account, read Your Quick Guide to Opening a Bank Account in Vietnam.

6.  Vietnam’s Tax Obligations

Every country has its own set of tax regulations for the income of foreign sources. Thus you must figure out the relevant tax rules obligations in Vietnam and do all necessary paperwork for full legal compliance.

7. Relocation of Your Belongings

For transporting your belongings from your home country to Vietnam, you can engage with a trusted international moving and shipping company. Do bear in mind that it could take more than a month for your items to arrive in Vietnam, you should always arrange your shipment schedule earlier.

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Relocation to Vietnam is a huge step for foreigners. Therefore, when making one of the biggest decisions like this in your life, picking the right support is essential to your relocation success.

Backed by significant years of industry and immigration experience, a wealth of expertise and knowledge, Cekindo’s relocation specialists will assist you in every aspect of your migration.

We understand foreigners’ doubts and challenges they have to face when moving to another country. This is why we strive to help you smooth your transition when relocating to Vietnam. Cekindo will undoubtedly fulfill your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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