Can You Renew Your Work Visa in Vietnam?

A work visa is an important document for foreigners working in Vietnam. How can you renew it and how to do it? Find out in this article.

A work visa is an important document for foreigners working in Vietnam. Without it, foreigners will face deportation and their employers need to fork out up to VND 75 million to pay for their fine. Therefore, both foreign employees and their employers must know the work visa renewal procedure and its importance in Vietnam.

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Circumstances when Foreigners can Renew Their Work Visa

Vietnam’s Labour Law states that only foreigners meet the following criteria will be able to renew their work visa:

  • The work visa will be expired in 5 to 45 days
  • The work visa is damaged or lost
  • Change of information on work visas such as passport number, full name, birth date, nationality, and work location

Do take note that a work visa is only renewable when a foreigner’s job position and employer remain the same.

Process of Vietnam Work Visa Renewal

Employers can help their foreign employees renew expired Vietnam work permits following four basic steps:

1. Obtain Approval of Demand

Employers shall apply for the approval of demand on hiring foreign employees one to two months before a work visa expires.

The documents required are listed below:

  • Registration form No. 2, also known as the form for approval of demand on hiring foreign employees
  • A certified business registration copy

Then, employers have to submit the documents and fill the application form to Vietnam’s Ministry of Labour or Provincial People’s Committee. The submission can also be done online at the official website.

The processing time is approximately 12 days for in-person submission and 15 days for online submission. Employers will receive an approval of demand certificate upon successful request.

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2. Prepare Compulsory Documents

Employers will also have to submit the list of documents below:

  • Registration form No. 7 for Vietnam work visa renewal
  • Original medical check-up report
  • Current Vietnam work permit
  • Original police check report
  • A certified passport copy
  • Approval of demand certificate
  • Two 4 x 6 cm photos

3. Submit All Documents

Employers must submit all mandatory documents 5 to 45 days before the Vietnam work visa expires to Vietnam’s Ministry of Labour.

4. Issue New Vietnam Work Visa

The Ministry of Labour will issue the work visa within three working days upon receiving a complete and valid application. UPDATE: Due to strict pandemic control measures, this deadline is no longer applicable.

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What to Do if Foreigners Lose Their Work Visa?

The process for foreigners to renew a lost Vietnam work visa is more complex than the renewal process.

The foreigner’s employer has to go through several authorities and complicated steps to get approval for a new one.

1. Report lost visa case to the local police or a competent authority overseas to obtain a certification.

2. Report the case to the employer within three working days starting from the day when the foreigner found out that the Vietnam work visa is lost.

3. Upon being informed about the lost permit, the foreigner’s employer must prepare compulsory documents and submit them to relevant authorities for a new work permit request in five working days. These documents consist of the following:

  • Certification issued by local police or overseas competent authority
  • Vietnam work permit renewal request form (Form No. 7)
  • Two 4 x 6 cm photos of the foreigner
  • A certified passport copy

4. The authority will then issue a new work permit to the employer within three working days upon the receipt of valid and complete documents.

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