Requirements for Opening a Construction Company in Vietnam

A hot real estate market is fueling demand for high quality construction companies in Vietnam. Here is how to establish yours.

The construction sector in Vietnam is one of the most lucrative sectors in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Despite the impacts of COVID-19, it grew rapidly in 2020. In Q3 2020, the General Statistics Office (GSO) of Vietnam reported a 5.7% year-on-year growth in the construction sector. As a consequence, the cumulative growth rate for the first three quarters was 5%.

Moreover, the construction industry is expected to contribute significantly to Vietnam’s economic growth, with a projected value of USD 94.93 billion by 2026, indicating an annual growth rate of approximately 8.71% (1).

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Furthermore, the quality of the country’s general infrastructure has increased as a result of the government’s efforts, with investments in infrastructure building, tourism infrastructure, and housing projects all throughout the country. As a result, foreign investors looking to start a construction firm in Vietnam will find this sector to be lucrative.

In this article, we will discuss in detail the aspects of opening a construction company in Vietnam for foreign investors. 

Opening a Construction Company in Vietnam as a Foreigner

Foreign enterprises as juridical persons of a WTO (World Trade Organisation) member could establish a commercial presence (100% foreign-invested enterprises or branchings) in the country. 

General construction work for buildings (CPC 512), general construction work for civil engineering (CPC 513), installation and assembly work (CPC 514, 516), building completion and finishing work (CPC 517), and other activities (CPC 511, 515, 518) are all permitted. 

As a result, foreign investors can establish a 100% foreign-owned business or branch to carry out the building and engineering services mentioned above.

Types of Construction Activities Foreign Investors are Allowed to Carry Out

Construction activities allowed for foreigners are as following:

  • Design, 
  • Planning, 
  • Supervision, 
  • Inspection, 
  • Consultation, 
  • Project management, etc.
  • Construction

Moreover, foreign businesses can conduct business in almost any sort of construction project as long as they have the necessary sub-license(s) for the associated construction types and classifications.

Legal Requirements for Foreigners Wanting to Open Construction Company in Vietnam

The legal requirements for foreigners looking to set up a construction company in Vietnam are similar to the requirements for opening a regular company like a registered office, legal representative, and the minimum capital requirements are also similar.

Please keep in mind that you’ll require a substantial amount of capital to get approved and apply for a sub-license.

Additional sub-license(s) are required to undertake conditional construction activities once the firm is created, based on construction types and categorization.

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HR requirements for construction companies

To apply for the company’s sub-licenses, employees must have a specific degree, experience, and certificates based on the construction types and classifications.

Timeline for Registration of a Construction Company

It takes 2-3 months to register a construction-related company that does not engage in conditional construction-related activity.

Obtaining sub-licenses for conditional construction related commercial operations once the firm is established will take 6-12 months for each sub-license.

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