Advantages of Starting a Business in Vietnam without a Physical Office

Thanks to the internet and communication technology, starting a business in Vietnam without a traditional office is achievable. Read More.

Time has changed and the way we work is also transforming tremendously. Thanks to the advent of internet and communication technology, starting a business in Vietnam without a traditional office is not only possible but also beneficial. The alternatives to traditional offices are expanding in more creative and efficient ways.

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In this article, we will show you some of the advantages of starting a business in Vietnam without an office, as well as your perfect workspace solution.

Starting a Business in Vietnam without an Office: Why?

Almost Zero Monthly Overhead

Traditional offices are super expensive considering the monthly rent, internet, employee salary, utilities, maintenance, and office suppliers. The expenses can be more if your office is located in a good location.

Therefore, if you start a business in Vietnam without an office, the above-mentioned costs and expenses are non-existing.

Startup Costs Are Extremely Low

Similar to point #1, no office means there is no need for employees, furniture, renovation, and office supplies. So your startup costs will be extremely low without a traditional office.

No Commuting

Do you know that an average person loses hours per week commuting to and from work? Lost hours mean lost productivity and the time you can spend with the ones you love.

So if you don’t have an office, you don’t have to commute to and from work at all. Why don’t spend these extra hours on something more productive and can help you win more clients and generate more revenue?

Superb Flexibility

Starting a business in Vietnam without an office allows you to enjoy great flexibility when it comes to hiring.

You can hire people from all around the world and will not have to hire several full-time employees to fill your office to make a good impression – even if you don’t need those employees at all.

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Your Solution: A Virtual Office in Vietnam

Professional Receptionist Team

Just like a traditional physical office, a reputable virtual office does come with a team of professional receptionists. They will not only help you take care of all your calls, email, and other important administrative tasks, but they can also help boost your professional image.

Your clients will then perceive you as an established and competent company to work with.

High Flexibility

Great flexibility is one of the major benefits of virtual offices in Vietnam. As a prudent entrepreneur, you need to have the mindset that business conditions change all the time, especially in a country like Vietnam with a dynamic economy.

Therefore, by using a virtual office when starting a business in Vietnam, you can adapt to changed market conditions immediately. This is because the virtual office’s high flexibility allows your business to scale up or scale down anytime without the long-term commitment.

Prime Location but Lower Price

If you are an entrepreneur who has just started out, you will agree that having a physical office at a convenient and premium location in Vietnam is expensive.

In addition to the pricey monthly rent, you will have to include monthly expenses such as utilities, office furniture and supplies, the receptionist’s salary, and maintenance fees.

A relatively cheaper physical office is possible in Vietnam but the location may be far away from the center and is extremely inconvenient. However, with a virtual office located at a prestigious location when starting a business in Vietnam, you can impress your clients with your professionalism at a much lower price.

Starting a Business with Cekindo’s Virtual Office in Vietnam

Cekindo is your virtual office service provider when you consider starting a business in Vietnam. Many of our valued clients across the globe are currently using our services.

When you choose Cekindo’s virtual office in Vietnam, you can gain access to a prestigious mail address, professional administrative team, and other important office support just like a traditional office setting. The only difference is that you don’t have to pay for an expensive physical office space.

Our services allow you to maintain a professional presence in Vietnam’s markets. We have all you need to meet your business expectations.

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