Top Business-related Podcast in Vietnam Entrepreneurs Should Listen to

This article will detail the top podcasts we recommend for entrepreneurs operating in Vietnam, ranging in topics from self-help to business.

The podcast format has been growing rapidly over the past few years, and it is gaining traction among a wide variety of age groups, including Vietnam. The business genre is among the top five genres in the industry that are most popular among individuals using podcasts for self-development. This article will detail the top podcasts we recommend for entrepreneurs operating in Vietnam.

There has been growing popularity and a rise in demand for the creation of an online presence in Asia Pacific markets lately. Most educated millennial audiences in the region are driven by information. Vietnamese entrepreneurs and business owners are embracing the new format vigorously. 

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Podcasting has become a popular way for global brands to reach a broader audience. Platforms for sponsorship can enable brands to gain valuable insight and perspective from industry insiders and high-profile guests. 

Mentioned in the list below are the top podcasts that are based out of Vietnam. 

Startup Vietnam

Founded by Cekindo, Startup Vietnam conducts interviews with foreign entrepreneurs who have set up businesses in Vietnam. Business owners in Vietnam share their experiences, challenges, and advice for those considering starting up there. The host, Michael, invites foreign entrepreneurs who have started businesses in Vietnam to join the podcast and go into detail on the ins and outs of operating a foreign business in Vietnam. 

Recently, some of the guests that appeared on the show include Latif Sim, Chief Strategy Officer at BeLive Technology, who discussed how BeLive Technology is revolutionising live streaming. Belive is a Singaporean startup which recently expanded their operations to Vietna. In episode 3, Brad Reed, the founder of Repurpose You, discussed how organisational development required a new normal to ensure success in business.

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Vietnam Innovators

Vietnam Innovators, focuses on understanding the dynamics behind the country’s economic success. It’s a podcast operated by Vietcetera, one of Vietnam’s most popular online magazines for Vietnamese millenials. A weekly meeting between Vietcetera and business leaders discusses the country’s future growth prospects. The team also explains how they set up and manage their teams, and why they think innovation will make Vietnam a stronger player in the global market.

In season 3 episode 1 of Vietnam Innovators, one of the guests, Miro, brought his fresh perspectives on the Vietnamese market to the very first episode of the latest season hosted by Hao Tran. Having lived his entire life in Slovakia, Miro admits he does not yet fully grasp the essence of his homeland, but he is curious and excited about the opportunities to build relationships with the next generation of Vietnamese business leaders and to learn about the country’s miraculous growth dynamics.

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The Bureau Asia Podcast

Bureau Chief Matt Cowan takes you on a journey through one of Southeast Asia’s most intriguing countries, Vietnam. The topics on the podcast that re covered include food, destinations, people, and experiences drawn from his years living in the country.

Discussions have recently focused on possible difficulties that businesses and consumers may face once bars and eateries reopen, as well as recent events in Ho Chi Minh City affecting both locals and expats.

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Seven Million Bikes / A Vietnam Podcast

The Saigon-based Podcast was launched in May 2019 as “Seven Million Bikes”. Interested in finding out more about the stories and experiences of other Saigoneers as well as tips for living in Saigon, host Niall Mackay sought to interview his fellow Saigoneers.

In 2021, the podcast was renamed A Vietnam Podcast, since it had gained a following in Vietnam, apart from secondary markets including the United States and the UK. Besides organising regular comedy shows in Saigon, Seven Million Bikes also organizes events in other Vietnamese cities.

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Creators in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is the host city for Creators in Vietnam, a show hosted by Tue Si Nguyen and Moni Le. Their weekly conversation topics include creativity, personal development, sexuality, fear, health, mental wellness, relationships, spirituality, and so much more.  For entrepreneurs looking for self-help advice centered around living in Vietnam this it the podcast for you.

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