Traditional Office vs. Virtual Office in Ho Chi Minh City: Which One is Better?

Which one is better: a traditional office or a virtual office when doing business in Ho Chi Minh City? Find out the pros and cons in this article.

It is undeniable that Vietnam is now one of the shining emerging markets in Asia. The market growth is particularly significant in this alluring city: Ho Chi Minh City. With the country’s more than 6% growth every year, Ho Chi Minh City presents itself as a profitable investment base for many foreign investors with businesses of all sizes.

In order to keep pace with the unceasingly growing business scene, many businesses have switched their focus from the traditional office to a virtual office. There are many benefits of using a virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Having a virtual office in the city means that you can operate your business from anywhere in the world, not to mention the access to a greater talent pool, lower overheads, etc.

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If you’re planning to or thinking of doing business in Ho Chi Minh City, you have come to the right place as this article provides a comparison between a traditional office and a virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Traditional Office in Ho Chi Minh City: The Pros and Cons

traditional office vs. virtual office ho chi minh city


Customer Trust

Even with the technological advancement and transforming business environment, some customers still regard the physical location of a traditional office as a proof if this particular business is trustworthy.

In addition, customers are more confident when they can see a physical address on your website. However, this can be solved with a virtual address as a virtual office provides a prestigious business address.

A Ready Place to Meet Clients

This is self-explanatory. When you have a traditional office, your clients can visit you anytime in a professional setting. Meeting rooms and conference rooms are available in a virtual office but appointments are needed.


Not Every Business Needs One

Some businesses, such as e-commerce, do not need physical stores to incur unnecessary expenses.

Increasing Cost

We can only see the increase of leasing costs of commercial property every year. You will need to chip in a portion of your capital for the monthly rental of a physical office. Therefore, make sure you need one before you have one. Other costs include office maintenance and monthly utilities fees.

Virtual Office in Ho Chi Minh City: The Pros and Cons

traditional office vs. virtual office ho chi minh city



Working in a virtual office definitely costs less than working in a traditional office. The reason is obvious: you don’t need to pay for your monthly lease of your office building.

With that extra costs saving, you can spend them on other areas where you need the money the most!


A virtual office provides more flexibility to both employees and employers. Being able to work from the comfort of anywhere in the world with the assistance from a virtual office – you won’t let those interruptions in the office jeopardise your productivity.

You can work anytime you want at your prime time without the limitation of 9-5 working hours. You can even work at midnight if that’s the time you perform the best. Nobody really cares how you work as long as you deliver results.

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Zero Commute and Environmentally Friendly

There’s zero commute when it comes to using a virtual office. You will not only wave goodbye to the additional 2 hours of commuting, but also eliminate transportation costs.
What’s more, you’re actually doing good to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Without the daily commute and dressing up for work, your mood will also be brighter. Study has shown that daily commuting is really bad for your health, especially when you’re stuck in traffic.


No Brick-and-Mortar Location

A physical location has some benefits too so not having it may bring some issues sometimes. For example, you will have no place to store your work-related things.

Minimum Social Contact

You may have fewer opportunities to talk or interact with other people if you use a virtual office.

This may not be a bad thing for people who want to work on their own without much interruptions, but for people who enjoy networking and the cultivation of relationships, this can be an issue.

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