How Employee Turnover Rate Reduction is Made Possible with HR Outsourcing in Vietnam

HR outsourcing in Vietnam can help reduce employee turnover rate. How so? Learn in this article along with the other benefits for your business.

HR outsourcing in Vietnam isn’t exactly a new idea in Vietnam’s dynamic business environment. HR outsourcing means having an external, third-party vendor to provide company HR services that usually perform internally in the company.

For many years, companies in Vietnam have contracted with HR outsourcing suppliers to perform a myriad of HR functions.

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As companies in Vietnam, especially foreign companies, demand a highly streamlined management process to boost business operational efficiency, they start to take a closer look at how HR outsourcing can help contribute to the business’ bottom line.

Many HR professionals find that with the right outsourcing solutions and providers, companies can save money, decrease employer turnover rate, help focus resources and energy, and improve the operational and business performance.

HR Outsourcing in Vietnam Reduces Employee Turnover Rate

On average, employee turnover costs businesses thousands and thousands of US dollars per person. The costs include time and money investments in employee training, recruitment, and lost productivity. Of course, a business can always hire a new employee, but a new hire and additional training cost money too.

A successful business takes employee retention seriously and tries to reduce their employee turnover rate to the minimum – because they know the tremendous benefit a talented employee and great teamwork could bring to their business in the long run.

Therefore, the management of HR functions plays an extremely significant factor in hiring the right employee in the very beginning and maintaining the employee’s satisfaction and loyalty to the company during their employment.

This is when HR outsourcing becomes hugely important for your business to prevent the long-term implications of employee turnover: reduced bottom line and productivity, decreased level of employee experience and quality, and ultimately discounted the company’s reputation.

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Other Benefits of HR Outsourcing in Vietnam

1. Expert and Global Insights

HR outsourcing is not only helpful for employee turnover reduction but also advantageous for businesses expanding into international markets.

Reputable HR outsourcing experts can help you retain employees in other countries including Vietnam. This is because they understand the employment law and health insurance legislation in the country you plan to expand your business in.

With that, this professional team can design policies and benefits that will make your employees happy and satisfied.

2. Cost Saving

Partnering with an HR function provider is not only cost-effective for the short term, but also a long-term cost-saving solution for enterprises in Vietnam.

HR functions are not just about printing payroll slips and conducting interviews, they involve many other activities such as background checks, employee training, the technology that will take a big chunk of your time and money.

Furthermore, these activities require substantial skills and expertise which you may not have.

3. Efficient Response to Employees

HR outsourcing allows your employer to become more responsive to the staff’s needs.

Without having to spend time on payroll and other mundane HR functions in-house, employers now have more time to focus on employee’s professional requirements and address their issues more efficiently.

4. Compliance with Legislation

It’s not unusual that Vietnam’s regulations on taxation and accounting, payroll, and labor change constantly since the country is now on its way to a positive economic transformation.

Foreign employers may not always be up-to-date with these changing laws and thus risking legal violations. Through HR outsourcing in Vietnam, you don’t have to worry about non-compliance anymore.

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