Vaccinated Visitors Set to be Allowed to Enter Vietnam in Q4 2021

In its bid to return to normalcy and revive the economy Vietnam has planned to welcome back fully-vaccinated foreigners in Q4 2021.

This article is now outdated and no longer relevant as COVID restrictions in Vietnam have generally been lifted nationwide and international tourism has resumed as normal.

Having understood that the coronavirus is here to stay and that we must learn to live with it, economies around the world have started reconciling and returning to normalcy with caution.

In its bid to return to normalcy and revive the economy, Vietnam has planned to welcome back fully-vaccinated foreigners. Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the country’s economy maintained a promising curve. As the country takes the first step towards reconciliation, and on the back of a massive inoculation drive, it makes the situation ideal for foreigners to enter Vietnam without having to follow strict and time-consuming quarantine protocols. 

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This article will provide recent updates on the vaccine passport and the prospects of entry for vaccinated visitors in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Efforts to Attract Visitors

Vietnam is set to open its borders to vaccinated foreigners as it revamps some destinations in the country to attract visitors. According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Phu-Quoc Island in southern Kien Giang province will be the first to accept visitors from international countries under a six-month trial vaccination passport program from October in expectation to host over 40,000 foreigners during the period. 

Following globally accepted norms for travel to these places, the ministry said it would provide advantageous circumstances for local and foreign visitors having vaccination certificates. It would also cooperate with appropriate agencies to advance mass vaccination to achieve herd immunity for locals and foreign workers.

For foreigners intending on visiting/entering Vietnam, it is important to have prior information about the aforementioned vaccine passport and the legalities related to it. 

Covid Vaccine Passport in Vietnam and Its Importance

The Covid 19 vaccine passport is a record (mostly digital) that verifies whether you have had Covid-19 vaccination. It is called the ‘green pass,’ or a ‘digital green pass’ in certain countries.
The concept behind a vaccination passport is that it would let a person continue activities presently limited by Covid 19 pandemic, including freer trips, visiting restaurants, cinemas or concerts, sports events, theater shows, and other events in close proximity to many others. In addition to legitimate physical passports and visas, Covid’s vaccine passport can, under COVID 19, become a necessary document in all countries. The main advantage of possessing a vaccine passport is the exemption from hefty Covid protocols like testing and quarantine at your arrival in specific areas or countries.

Although in a trial phase, the vaccine passport in Vietnam has not yet been wholly confirmed by the authorities. However, there have been some promising developments on this front as the government updated some regulations on the quarantine period for fully vaccinated entrants.

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Vietnam Covid Protocols: Update 2021

Vietnam has lowered the central quarantine period to 7 days, from 14 days, for individuals arriving in the country fully vaccinated, according to the Ministry of Health.

Foreign visitors must be vaccinated at least 14 days before arrival with the latest Coronavirus vaccination recognized globally. One should also have tested negative for the virus within 72 hours before the arrival. After quarantine, they will be asked to monitor their health for a week.

According to Suc Khoe Doi Song, a publication of the health ministry, the regulation will not be applicable for individuals entering the country for a work period that lasts less than 14 days.

As far as the Vaccine passport is concerned, there has been no official statement as to when exactly the Vietnamese authorities will start accepting the vaccine passports for every entrant.

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