Vietnam Immigration Blacklist: How Does it Affect Immigrants?

If you don't adhere to Vietnam's visa and immigration requirements, you risk being placed on the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist. We can help.

Thousands of foreigners from all over the world visit Vietnam for a vacation or a long-term career. While Vietnam is a wonderful location to visit and enjoy, if one does not adhere to Vietnam’s visa and immigration requirements, they risk being placed on the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist, which might jeopardize their whole trip.

What is a Vietnam Immigration Blacklist?

The phrase “Vietnam Immigration Blacklist” refers to a list of foreigners who have been deported from Vietnam, or have in some way violated immigration rules or laws while living in Viet Nam and have to pay fines to be able to continue living in Vietnam. In this case, they may not be allowed entry by the Vietnam Immigration Department or may be subject to some restrictions on entry.

How Can One Be On The Immigration Blacklist?

Vietnam could prove to be a lucrative destination for foreign investments and tourism. However, there are ways to end up to the infamous Vietnam’s Immigration Blacklist. There can be a lot of consequences once blacklisted, which we shall see in the next section. Let’s see how an immigrant can end up on the immigration’s blacklist: 

  • If one fails to follow the Vietnamese visa rules. For example:
    • Overstaying one’s visa without doing a visa extension on time.
    • Fail to follow one’s visa purpose. Like, one enters Vietnam with a tourist visa (DL visa) but ends up working for payment in the country.
    • One is in Vietnam with a non-sponsored business visa.
  • If one commits any offense in Vietnam by breaking any local laws.

Consequences Of Getting on the blacklist By Vietnamese Immigration

If caught by the immigration department breaking any of the rules mentioned in the previous section, the immigrant will be immediately blacklisted and they could lose most of their migration privileges.

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If you are blacklisted by Vietnam’s Immigration Department, you will probably be subject to:

  • A big amount of fines;
  • Immediate deportation or force exit;
  • A ban from entry into Vietnam for up to 3 years. This person’s name will be communicated to all foreign missions of Vietnam and Vietnam checkpoints, and they will get no visa or entry permit for Vietnam during the ban period.

Will You Be Deported From Vietnam?

If an immigrant finds themselves to be on Vietnam’s Immigration Blacklist and wondering if they’ll be deported immediately, they have the right to be scared. Although it does not mean that they are going to be deported, there’s a fair chance they could be penalized in some other way. 

In matters of National Security, Scams, or any irreversible economic or environmental damage could mean that they’re not fit to live in the country. It’s best to have a trusted visa agency by one’s side who could ask around, confirm their situation and penalties, and help them in the best possible way.

How To Check Whether One Is on the blacklist?

If, while planning a trip to Vietnam, one doesn’t realize that they’re being banned by Vietnam’s Immigration department, it can result in a lot of money loss.

Similarly, if they’re in Vietnam and attend the Immigration office without knowing that they are on the Vietnam Immigration Blacklist, it could ruin their trip, work, and plans in Vietnam.

We strongly advise checking whether one is blacklisted or not before engaging in any of the actions listed above. With Cekindo’s Vietnam Immigration Blacklist Check service, we can provide the following information:

  • Whether someone is on a blacklist or not; 
  • What their present penalty is; and 
  • The best course of action to get out of this mess.


At the moment we do NOT help foreigners with issues regarding immigration blacklists.

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