It is Not just about Efficiency: Benefits of Recruitment Outsourcing in Vietnam

When talking about recruitment in Vietnam, if you outsource it to a third party, you can enjoy some benefits that are more than just efficiency.

The expectations of employees and employers have changed over the years due to the complexity and growth of the talent market. Therefore, HR managers today are under a lot of pressure to obtain top talent while fulfilling the employer’s requirements. Not to mention, they will also need support from the company in terms of resources, technology, time, and money to ensure an efficient recruitment in Vietnam.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is no longer a new concept to many companies in Vietnam. Many businesses have recognized that they can use RPO as a tool to effectively manage their talent acquisition needs and improve HR process.

Today, businesses see the role of RPO as a strategic relationship that helps them in all facets of recruitment functions, instead of relying on the internal team.

This article sums up the top benefits that a reliable RPO provider can offer.

Reducing Costs

Apparently, one of the great advantages of RPO is cost reduction. No matter how big or how small your company is, you will want your recruitment budget to be as lean as possible.

Therefore, engaging an RPO service provider is a cost-effective solution for many companies in the long run. Recruitment is not just about interviewing and making calls to ask the candidate to fill the positions, but it also involves technology, training, background check, etc – all these would take time, money and not to mention, skills and expertise.

Hiring an RPO provider makes your business one step ahead of other businesses because you have already had the best strategies, practices and knowledge in place and a professional team that can scale up and scale down the recruitment activities based on your current hiring needs.

Shortening Time to Fill Positions

RPO also helps fill the positions faster with their talent pool database and streamline recruitment process to boost your company’s productivity by reducing the amount of time spent and HR resources used.

Many business owners know too well that unfilled vacancies can impact negatively on the company’s performance and productivity, and finally the bottom line.

If employees happen to fill positions very late in the hiring stage, they might need to rush through training. Insufficient training and not being familiar enough with their scope of works will increase on-the-job errors, decrease productivity and create unsatisfied employers. Unsatisfied employees may mean potential high turnover rates.

For those reasons, the ability of RPO to reduce the time to fill is one consideration for many companies in Vietnam to trust an RPO provider.

Improving the Quality of Hires

The quality of your hires, or candidates, can give you a competitive edge in your industry. However, it’s not always easy to find the talent you need if you don’t have the right tools and connections.

An RPO services provider can leverage on the latest technology and analytics to do a thorough background check of the candidates.

In addition, being on the market for so many years, an RPO provider can use their experience of previous hiring on the similar roles to satisfy the recruitment needs requested by clients.

That being said, they are able to determine the right and the most quality hires in the shortest period of time.

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Complying with Regulations in Vietnam

The regulations and laws in Vietnam are constantly changing as the country is now going through a huge transformation. Many reforms are underway to make doing business in Vietnam easier including the employment laws. A lot of employers may not always be aware of these changing laws and regulations.

Through recruitment outsourcing, you can ensure that the hiring process is in compliance with local rules and regulations.

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Final Note

Now you may be thinking of hiring an RPO provider that can answer to the recruitment needs of your company.

The benefits of RPO that Cekindo provides are endless. Restructuring your HR and recruitment strategy with Cekindo will definitely have a positive impact on your company.

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