Your Quick Guide to Trademark Registration in Vietnam

When running a business in Vietnam, registering your trademark is essential. Read our quick guide on Vietnam trademark registration.

The main question you need to ask yourself is: ‘Is my company protected?’ With many concepts and elements to consider when setting up a business in a foreign country like Vietnam, entrepreneurs can easily dismiss factors that could affect their business drastically. Therefore, we are reminding you that trademark registration in Vietnam is an absolute must.

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Used by the manufacturer, trademarks are registered by many companies to ensure that the brand is protected from copyright. As it is one of the most important assets in business, companies must be fully aware of the procedure to help grow their business. Taking out that extra time to ensure your company is protected can be the best decision for you and your company in the long run.

This article aims to guide you with further information on the process of trademark registration in Vietnam and how this can be done swiftly to ensure the company is protected.

vietnam trademark registration

Why is it important to register a trademark?

Registration is the first step to protect the investment and the brand itself. It is common that newly incorporated companies overlook the importance of registering their trademark. To ensure that other competitors do not register the same company, having a trademark put in place protects the brand, which avoids theft of the nature of the company.

In some cases, once the business becomes well known, it may be difficult to prove that you are the legitimate owner of the company, this is why the company needs to register a trademark in the case of a competitor imitating the brand. Moreover, this could lead to problems within the business as clients may lose the trust that was developed over time.

What can be registered as a trademark in Vietnam?

There are many cases in which the requirements may not be applicable, for instance a person’s surname, if it is led to be common, a trademark that is perceived to be similar to a trademark that has already been applied, etc. Although, trademarks may be easier to register if the name has been uniquely invented, which could include a combination of the following features:

  • Letters
  • Symbols
  • Numbers
  • Shapes

At Cekindo we can help you by clarifying this process.

National Protection and International Protection

Specifically, in Vietnam, there are 2 different types of trademarks you could potentially register, local and international. For those companies that plan to set up and manage their business in Vietnam, local is the relevant entity to protect the business within the country. Those who consider venturing out to neighbouring countries or even internationally, international protection is important to pursue the originality of the brand worldwide.

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Process of Trademark Registration in Vietnam

When starting the process, there are requirements and documents that need to be provided such as name and address of the applicant, specification of goods, etc. Once you have applied, it takes one month from submission for the National Office of Intellectual Property to decide if the sample and the application satisfy the requirements.

The process involves 3 stages:

  • Formality examination and publication
  • Substantive examination
  • Issuance of the registration certificate of the registered mark

In a nutshell, the registration of a trademark will take between 12-18 months. Once this has been completed successfully, the legal protection of a trademark is granted for a period of 10 years, with the ability to be renewed once expired. Our team can assist you throughout this process from beginning to end.

How Cekindo Can Assist with Trademark Registration in Vietnam

To protect your brand, it is important to complete this process as soon as you can. By contacting one of our team members today, you can enjoy our expertise to assist you through the stages of trademark registration in Vietnam.

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