Don’t Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Business in Vietnam? Think Again for These 4 Reasons

If you have a business in Vietnam and you haven’t had a virtual assistant, you need to reconsider. A virtual assistant can give you these 4 benefits.

From small companies to big enterprises, you need qualified individuals in your team to share the workload and help your business expand. This is why with the advent of technology and globalisation, almost every business in Vietnam has a virtual assistant.

These virtual assistants are your outstanding business helpers who can bring so much to the table with their skills, knowledge, and experience.

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Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant in Vietnam

If you are still not aware of the benefits of having a virtual assistant in Vietnam, below are some of them Cekindo has listed to get you pondering:

1. They Always Answer Your Incoming Calls

A Google study shows that approximately 70% of internet searches will call a company directly with its search results on the mobile. That’s a lot of calls and potential opportunities that businesses do not want to miss.

A virtual assistant in Vietnam can help handle the incoming calls and make sure all your clients’ needs are met professionally and satisfactorily. Virtual assistants will be able to assist on weekends as well to help your business maintain a reputable brand image.

2. They Enhance Human Connection

Real-time communications with a human being are important for most customers. Most customers would still like to talk to a real person via calls whenever possible – especially when it comes to working out complicated matters.

With a virtual assistant in place to answer your calls 24/7, you can enhance customer experience through personalized interaction.

3. They Save You Time and Money

Virtual assistants are suitable for businesses of all sizes, especially startups that are on a limited budget or companies that are preparing to upsize their businesses. This is because virtual offices and virtual assistants offer entrepreneurs and business owners scalable, fast, and easy administrative solutions at relatively much lower costs.

For startups who are financially restricted to hire full-time employees or growing businesses looking for temporary administrative assistants, virtual assistants are your perfect choice.

4. They Have Professional Experience and Specialties

Virtual assistants from virtual office providers are mostly highly-trained with specialised skills. These skills and industry experience include social media marketing, customer service, bookkeeping, content marketing, and others depending on their former experience.

Therefore, based on your requirement, you may opt for more comprehensive virtual assistant services to take your business to the next level.

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Virtual Assistant as Part of A Virtual Office Package in Vietnam

Now you finally understand the wonders of virtual assistants, where can you find them? It’s fairly easy to hire a virtual assistant in Vietnam as they come together with a virtual office when you subscribe to one.

By using one of the virtual offices in Vietnam, a virtual assistant can provide you with all the administrative assistance remotely – anytime, anywhere. Not only do virtual assistants work for as many hours as your business requires them, but they are also paid based on the hours and services they carry out for you.

Why Choose Cekindo Virtual Office in Vietnam

Establish your business right in the center of Vietnam’s cities with Cekindo virtual office services. Our licensed and experienced virtual assistant in Vietnam will answer your incoming calls, handle your mail and email, forward important messages, and many more to help you grow your business.

Our virtual office package will not only help you save time and resources, allowing you to have more time to explore the market. Besides, our prestigious virtual address enables you to have your business established at a premium and convenient business district.

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