5 Reasons to Use A Virtual Office in Ho Chi Minh City

Why do you need to use a virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City? Because there are great benefits that come with it. Find out in this article.

No matter what business you are in, there are certainly many advantages that a virtual office can offer, especially when you are doing business in a dynamic city like Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Today, work is no longer constrained by places and locations. It is more about what you do because technology allows us to stay connected across any time zones, in every corner of the world, as long as you have a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone in your hand. Technology has changed the way people work, for the better.

For years, visual offices have urged many companies to review their current office requirements and structures. Many of them have then shifted to virtual offices due to the unstoppable progression of digital advances, allowing entrepreneurs to run the entire business from a device.

This article provides some major benefits that you can enjoy from using a virtual office and why a virtual office is worth your consideration for your business in Ho Chi Minh City, or other parts of Vietnam.

Why Use a Virtual Office in Ho Chi Minh City

1. Operational Costs Reduction

In a brick-and-mortar office, you need to consider many things financially: commute, office equipment, wages, rental fees, water and electricity, and the like. They all come under your company’s operating costs and the amount can be shocking when added up.

Your business may be headed towards failure if you do not have enough finance to cover them. With a virtual office, these costs can be reduced significantly.

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2. Virtual Office Offers a Professional Address in Ho Chi Minh City

If your company address looks like a residential address, your business may not look good and trustworthy to your customers. It is also worth knowing that it is strictly forbidden to run a business in an area with residential address.

Having a prominent office address in a prestigious location will not only help boost your company image, but it will also provide convenient access to your customers.

A customer will often check your company location before they decide to do business with you, just to make sure that your company is a legit company with a good location.
What is more, this premium address of your virtual office can be printed for your company’s letterhead, business card, and company registration to further show your credibility.

3. Virtual Office Helps Maintain Privacy

Another huge advantage of using a virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City is that you do not have to disclose your home address, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur working from home.

A virtual office can actually protect your private life and prevent any potential burglars or crimes. Moreover, you do not really want your customers to show up in front of your doorstep when you are in your pajamas, do you? Because that would be a disaster.

4. Increasing Productivity

Many companies in Vietnam prefer hiring remote workers these days. This is because remote workers significantly increase productivity – you and your team can work from anywhere during the hours that fit your schedules and deadlines. Furthermore, by hiring remote workers, you judge based on the quality of their work instead of how they work.

With this kind of freedom, you workers will be more at ease and will feel more responsible towards the tasks you assigned, complete them with increase morale and give the best results.

Whether you or your team members are early risers or night owls, you make the call on how and when you work to achieve the best efficiency.

5. Global Talent and Expansion Opportunities

Whether you are running a small business or a giant corporate, it is almost certain that you will gain global talent and expand your business through the use of virtual office and remote workers.

Expanding is not always easy if you do not have the manpower and budget. Therefore, when you are planning your expansion and want to limit the financial risks, a virtual office can provide you and your workers with a temporary basis, with a much lower price as compared to a physical office.

Cekindo, Your Virtual Office Provider in Ho Chi Minh City

Cekindo offers virtual office solutions that are ideal for your business – they can be scaled up or down without any long-term commitments.

Our virtual office services are versatile and cost-efficient. When you buy our virtual office, the package includes a professional address, a mailing address, call handling services, on-demand meeting or conference room, and domicile letter.

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