How Business Expansion in Vietnam is Made Possible with Virtual Office

With Vietnam’s growth on the uprise, business expansion becomes more visible. Learn how virtual office in Vietnam can make business expansion possible.

With Vietnam’s growth on the uprise, business expansion becomes more visible with newly introduced features. Due to the advancement of technology, virtual office has become more and more popular due to the extensive benefits it holds. Securing locations across the world to connect with clients and other companies can be a restrictive approach if you take into consideration the expenses and travels. With a virtual office in Vietnam, you have the freedom to travel and connect with clients and partners at the same time. The shift to the digital way of working could potentially be the new way of doing business.

This article will demonstrate the ways in which the advancement of virtual office can expand your business in Vietnam.

Virtual Office in Vietnam for Business Expansion

virtual office in vietnam

Fewer expenses

When purchasing a traditional office, it is not only the lease you have to think about. The expenses of utility bills, management fees and furniture also need to be taken into consideration which could amount to an extensive bill every month

With a list of expenses to focus on, it can be a daunting process for foreign investors. The perfect solution to this is investing time and money into a virtual office.

With one easy payment, the virtual office provides you with the relevant services and keeps you at ease and away from the overhead costs.

Fewer expenses also mean more money invested in the business. Purchasing products for the company, such as improved equipment, leads to business expansion as it becomes a developed company.

On top of this, it also saves on the expenditure of relocation as this will no longer be a problem with a virtual office.

Quicker responses

The time zones in different countries across the world can sometimes be a problem, especially when it involves urgent communication.

Having a virtual office can make this communication easier with responsive communication allowing connections internationally.

Instead of being restricted in one place with a traditional office, a virtual office enables you to work on an international scale. Expanding the business globally with a virtual office, you can leverage the benefits of becoming a well-known professional brand.


Even though a virtual office is a technological based office, a physical address is incorporated which deals with mailing and phone calls whilst allowing staff to work remotely. Business expansion becomes easier as there is sufficient reliability that the company holds a legitimate stance within the market.

There is certainty with a virtual office that allows potential clients and business partners to strengthen the trust in the relationships. The trusted brand builds connections with clients which later leads to high demand for business and a greater reputation.


Virtual offices provide workers with flexibility on when they want to work and how they want to work. Whilst conducting business in their own chosen times, it can maintain a higher percentage of productivity, therefore, reaching the same results in a shorter amount of time.

The flexible structure allows employees to work remotely across Vietnam and internationally whilst staying in contact.

Time saved

Not forgetting that the commuting part of work is now eliminated, there is more time focused on the business itself. Expanding the business is easily followed once there is more time invested in the business and clients.

Having a virtual office in Vietnam where the technology is constantly improving and adapting, becomes an ideal location for this mode of business.

How Cekindo’s virtual office in Vietnam can help your business

The renowned form of conducting business is becoming more popular across South East Asia and Cekindo can help you transition into this process. With our virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City, we can help you with your business expansion with our instant transition from an actual office to a virtual office.

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