5 False Myths about Virtual Offices in Ho Chi Minh City

Some companies remain uncertain about virtual office, resulting in 5 false myths. This article talks about virtual office solution in Ho Chi Minh City.

Whilst the growth of virtual office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam expands, some companies remain uncertain about whether this developed entity is suitable for their business. Due to unreliable sources, it can sometimes cause confusion on the features of this office leading to misleading statements. A virtual office can actually provide reliability and security with the services it provides, allowing businesses to connect from all around the world.

This article’s main aim is to tackle the myths that have developed on the subject of virtual offices and to provide you with a sufficient solution.

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Virtual Office in Ho Chi Minh City: 5 False Myths

1. Makes employees less productive

This couldn’t be far from the truth. It has been shown that those who are working in a strict, constructed environment tend to be less productive due to the stern environment.

Those who work remotely in their chosen surroundings at the times they wish to work enforce productivity.

The relaxed environment of not dressing professionally and definite work hours, in fact, works best for some individuals as it is up to their free will.

The surroundings are equally as important to note for the productivity of employees.

In some circumstances, colleagues can be a distraction in the office but with a virtual office, there are fewer interferences and more focus on assigned tasks. Therefore, it reinforces productivity and leads to successful outcomes.

2. Virtual office is expensive

When you take into consideration the breakdown of costs of which is involved in an actual office, it can potentially amount to being more expensive than a virtual office.

Saving on the price of a long-term lease for an office can easily be done when choosing to transition to a virtual office. Not forgetting the overhead costs of utility bills, desks and chairs, businesses usually overlook these extra expenses when purchasing an office.

In most cases, there are features within an office that are not used every day but still affect the bills, however, with some virtual offices, providers only make you pay the facilities you have used. The ease of the purchase of a virtual office could be the inexpensive method you need for your business.

3. Less trustworthy

Because there is not a physical location when it comes to a virtual office, in comparison to an actual office, customers may be unsure about the company.

However, with the developments of services, many providers provide you with a professional business address as a base for the company.

Complete with receiving mail and facilities such as meeting rooms for clients, you still have the privileges that you would normally get in an office. Moreover, the address can be used to ensure the legitimacy of the company.

4. All virtual offices in Ho Chi Minh City are the same

With a wide range of virtual offices on the market, it is highly unlikely that you will find that all virtual offices are the same. From the different amenities that are provided, there is bound to be an office that suits your business’s specific needs.

Some offices provide services that will take care of your mail and phone calls, whilst others may even allow the team to use their spaces for private meetings and workspace. It is advised that you research the best services within a virtual office because then again, it is the base of your company.

5. Data is at risk in a virtual office

Due to communication and services created on computers, it can come across as an insecure mode of business.

However, considering the development of technology over the years it has improved significantly. With the help of specific servers, it guarantees safety from hackers or any other malicious servers.

The use of different types of features, for instance, virtual private networks (VPN) can be set up to ensure security as it’s developed by professionals. The advancement of technology certifies a virtual office as a reliable source of business.

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