A Guide to Work Permit in Vietnam: Requirements and Application

Get to know how to secure a work permit in Vietnam. Requirements, restrictions, conditions and an application process at one place.

Before foreigners can penetrate the market and start working on their business in Vietnam, they need to think of a work visa or a work permit.

In addition to being an excellent destination for tourism, Vietnam is a country full of professional and business opportunities.

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Vietnam has been one of the countries in the world that have experienced the greatest economic growth for the past decades. However, the country now relies heavily on foreign direct investment (FDI).

To avoid going ahead with the process blindly and facing difficulties without knowing the Vietnamese regulations, we prepare this article. It discusses everything to know about a work permit in Vietnam: requirements, process, and conditions.

Foreigners are Welcome in Vietnam

work permit Vietnam for foreigners

Three striking facts favor the arrival of foreigners to work in Vietnam.

Firstly, the lack of technical knowledge in certain subjects. The educational system in Vietnam has not been able to train and produce qualified personnel and talents.

Secondly, the limited presence of expatriates in Vietnam compared to other countries in Asia, whose culture is more well-known in the West, such as China or Japan.

Thirdly, the foreigners pouring money into the economy is one of the cornerstones of the whole Vietnamese economy.

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Overall, to maintain growth and modernize the country, Vietnam welcomes foreigners and brings innovation and specialized knowledge to the new generations.

Work Permit Application in Vietnam

Working in Vietnam requires the following:

Requirements and Conditions

  • Being 18 years of age or older
  • Being physically fit to work
  • Must possess required technical skills or professional qualifications.
  • Have no previous conviction or criminal record and must not be subject to criminal prosecution or any criminal sentence in accordance with Vietnamese and foreign laws
  • Foreign employees engaged in private medical, pharmaceutical practices or directly involved in disease examination and treatment in Vietnam, must satisfy all conditions under the Vietnamese laws.

Application Dossier

Application dossiers of a work permit shall consist of the following:

  • Application for issuance of the work permit of the employees
  • Application for working in Vietnam
  • A form of a criminal record issued by the competent authority from the foreign countries where the applicant lives. Moreover, foreigners who have lived in Vietnam for more than six months must submit the criminal record form issued by the Department of Justice at the local office in Vietnam
  • Medical certificate issued in the employee’s foreign country. If the employee is residing in Vietnam, they must get a health certificate in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Health
  • Resume of the employee with a photograph, following the format according to the Ministry of Labor
  • Legal copies of certificates on professional skills such as Bachelor’s certificate, Master’s certificate, Ph.D.’s
  • Ph.D.’s certificate and certificates on qualifications granted under the existing law of the foreign countries.
  • Color photos

Process and Sponsorship

An employer in Vietnam must sponsor all foreigners who wish to work in Vietnam. The foreign company that employ foreigners must also have a Vietnamese branch, subsidiary or representative office in Vietnam.

Here’s the process both employers and employees need to go through to apply for a work permit in Vietnam.

  1. Obtain a pre-approval letter
  2. Fill out a work permit application with Cekindo
  3. Declare temporary residence status
  4. Cekindo will assist you in preparing all the necessary documents along with application forms to submit to the Department of Labor in Vietnam


Below are some latest updates on that all foreign companies and individuals should pay attention to:

1. Small investors are not eligible for TRC anymore


Now, each foreign individual’s investment application might be rejected if their investment is considered too low.

For large investments, foreigners will get a TRC for up to 10 years.

However, those who do not fulfill the minimum capital investment can only apply for a DT4 business visa with a maximum validity of one year.

2. Foreign corporate investors can have an individual representative in Vietnam to receive a TRC or visa 

Under the new permit and visa laws, a representative of the corporate investor can get the TRC or business visa for up to 10 years.

3. Vietnam’s work permit is now exempted for foreigners having a legal Vietnamese spouse

This last update is still relatively new and unfamiliar. Further regulations on the exemption are yet to be finalised and implemented.

In conclusion, the application for a work permit in Asian countries such as Vietnam can be complicated as cultural differences and communication problems are quite dominant. Taking into consideration the latest visa rules and regulations as well as the fluidity of the current situation Cekindo will NOT be offering Single Visa applications or extensions, however we will be offering our visa services for anyone ALSO applying for BPO & Company Registration Services.  Please inquire below about these immigration visa process deals.

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