Your Guide Prior to Choosing a Recruitment Partner in Vietnam

Finding a suitable recruitment partner in Vietnam requires special attention and there are things to prepare prior to choosing one. Here’s your guide.

Due to the increasing complexity of recruitment, and the difficulty to find candidates to fill the executive, managerial or C-level jobs, companies in Vietnam are searching for answers. Top talents are important for strategic growth in every organisation and that is why businesses are now considering recruitment partnership. A recruitment partner can help your company to improve and streamline the entire hiring process, and thus enhance the overall business performance.

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However, a recruitment partner is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You need to find the right recruitment partner who knows your business and have particular expertise in your industry. With that, they will be able to tailor a hiring solution based on your requirements, preferences, and strategic objectives.

Finding a suitable recruitment partner in Vietnam requires special attention and here are the things you should know before choosing one.

How a Recruitment Partner Finds the Best Candidate

A recruitment partner in Vietnam assists businesses to build a high-performing team of leaders and employees. They can successfully get the position available in the company filled in less than 90 days.

Below is the talent search and hiring process conducted by a recruitment partner in Vietnam:

1. Consult with Your Business

A recruitment agency will first visit your company to discuss your hiring requirements for the roles. Then, they will suggest a screening method that fits your unique search, and let you know of the performance targets and fee structure.

2. Screen and Select Candidates

Your recruitment partner will hunt through their own talent pool network and network from other organisations. They will then determine the best channels and advertise the roles. Once the best candidates are identified, they will collect a list of candidates ready for interviews.

3. Interview the Candidates by Recruiter

The chosen candidates will be contacted and invited for interviews. The recruiter will conduct highly professional interviews and carefully shortlist the candidates. You will only be informed of the shortlisted candidates once the candidates have verified their resumes and qualifications.

4. Interview the Candidates by Your Company

Once the recruitment partner has recommended the shortlisted candidates to you, they will arrange interviews to be done by your company.

5. Provide Interview’s Feedback, Sign Contract and Negotiate Terms and Conditions

The recruitment consultant team will give feedback to you and your candidates throughout the hiring process. Then they will also help you negotiate terms and conditions with the candidates, as well as preparing and signing the employment contract.

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Benefits of Using a Recruitment Partner in Vietnam:

1. You Will Only Interview the Best Candidates

Posting a hiring advertisement on a general job board, website or newspaper will only result in receiving tons of applications that may not even be qualified for your senior-level positions. So your HR team will have to spend a lot of time sorting through all the applications to find the suitable ones.

On the contrary, a recruitment partner will take care of this by only targeting the right network and narrowing the talent pool to only include the best candidates.

2. You can Save Big Money and Time

Wrong hire costs companies a lot of time, money and resources. Worse, it can decrease the company’s performance and damage its reputation. So you need a knowledgeable and experienced recruitment partner to get the right hires for you.

3. Difficult Roles are Filled Quickly

A recruitment partner like Cekindo has a valuable database and extensive network to find the right person to fill a role that requires specific skills or qualifications.

Why Choose Cekindo as Your Recruitment Partner in Vietnam

It is a competitive advantage to have the best talent in your company in today’s demanding business world. Successful business relies upon many factors and talent acquisition is one of them.

As a professional recruitment partner, Cekindo is equipped with a team of recruitment experts who take the time to listen and understand your requirements, then offer you the best tailored strategy and solution.

Cekindo manages end-to-end recruitment process including hiring, payroll, employee termination and updates with the constantly changing Vietnam laws and legislation. We also deliver practical and flexible recruitment and employment support if you have just entered the Vietnamese market.

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