Reduce Errors & Overhead Costs with Payroll & HR Outsourcing in Vietnam

To conduct business seamlessly in Vietnam as a foreign firm, its recommended to ensure error-free payroll and comprehensive HR services.

To conduct business seamlessly in Vietnam as a foreign firm, one must stay on top of legal compliance rules and ensure error-free payroll and comprehensive HR services. As a developing country with the usual pains of growth, Vietnam has a higher-than-average turnover rate and constantly changing rules and regulations in terms of corporate and foreign taxes (1).

Improve Your Operations in Vietnam: See our HR Outsourcing and our Payroll Outsourcing Services

To gain a competitive edge, businesses need a skilled and talented pool of employees, as well as rapid access to the right personnel to provide the results you need to succeed. Outsourcing payroll and HR services in Vietnam can get the company the required talent to stay ahead in a competitive environment, as outsourcing agencies possess strong recruitment knowledge of the local market and competence in building significant business process solutions.

Customized HR & Payroll Outsourcing Solutions in Vietnam

Outsourcing partners like Cekindo form a close, collaborative relationship with you to learn about your company, your goals, and your talent-related prospects. We create bespoke solutions that are seamless extensions of your teams and operations.

Moreover, we know how to find talent rapidly, put together teams, and improve their performance. Our ability to respond quickly to your requirements and queries provides you with the freedom to focus on important/core matters. To swiftly provide efficiency and productivity to your operations, we combine our global workforce understanding, implementation experience, and expertise in sourcing and managing employees across a broad variety of talents across all sectors and functions.

Reduce errors with a trusted Outsourcing Partner

HR professionals sometimes struggle to find time for essential strategic imperatives between organizing interviews, executing performance assessments, and processing payroll. It’s no surprise that many HR departments are frustrated and overloaded. Payroll mistakes may occur when HR employees are overworked. In such circumstances, HR outsourcing provides a huge relief to the company’s management. 

Small payroll errors might have major ramifications for your business, including:

  • Fines for non-compliance can be substantial.
  • Payroll problems may result in bad press for your firm, causing clients and investors to lose faith in you. As a result, profitability and the value of your firm may suffer.
  • Every employee has the right to expect to be paid accurately and on time. Employee unhappiness as a result of repeated payroll problems can lead to lower productivity and increased staff turnover.

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Outsource to Reduce Overhead Costs

Finally, outsourcing to a professional payroll and HR service provider in Vietnam allows your organization to leverage the service of experienced HR experts without incurring the cost of hiring them in-house. Cekindo’s English speaking payroll professionals have experience in a variety of businesses, allowing them to:

  • Advise you on the best hiring techniques;
  • Identify significant risks and possible issues, and offer practical solutions that will save your team time and money.;
  • Ensure that your business is up to date and in full compliance with all applicable payroll requirements.; 

Not only that, but you may also benefit from the vast experience of our Cekindo team of specialists in a variety of business disciplines, including:

  • Accounting;
  • Taxes; 
  • Corporate services

Our centralized services allow you to get help in a variety of areas while also simplifying your outsourced operations.

Focus on What Matters: The Bottom Line

Setting up an in-house payroll and HR department might be a time-consuming and tedious task.
By outsourcing payroll and HR services in Vietnam, management won’t be required to invest in onerous activities linked to bills, payroll, obligatory disclosures, and other ancillary concerns. As a result, they would have more time to manage the core activities effectively and eventually improve the company’s bottom line. 

HR & Payroll Outsourcing Solutions in Vietnam

Having an outsourcing partner like Cekindo on board to deliver talent-driven operations, increases your chances of succeeding in today’s highly competitive business market. 

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