Specialist Business Visa Requirements to Enter Vietnam Removed – 2022 Update

As of March 2022 the government has removed specialist visa regulations and re-instated most pre-pandemic immigration rules.

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    As of March 2022 the government has re-established most pre-pandemic visa rules, therefore you no longer need a “specialist visa” to enter the country.

    As of the writing of this article, foreigners simply need to apply for an E-visa through the government’s online visa portal which allows you to stay in the country for 30 days. Once in the country, you are able to extend your stay via an Investment Visa (if you plan on investing in the country), or Work Permit & TRC (if you plan on working for a company in Vietnam).

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    Due to covid restrictions ONLY Business Visa & Investor Visa applicants are allowed into the country for Q4 2021.

    No because the sponsorship letter is issued by the company in Vietnam. Companies that want to sponsor their employees to enter the country need to send a request letter to the provincial people’s committee (PPC) where the employee will be located after entry into Vietnam.

    For expert he or she must provide at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. For “technical worker”, this person is required to have been trained in a technical field or another major for at least 01 year

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