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Doing business in Vietnam is a unique but complex experience. Here's how to make your business processes efficient and hassle-free with InCorp Vietnam (formerly Cekindo).

Setting up and operating a company in Vietnam is no easy process.

Apart from navigating the incorporation process with numerous payments and paperwork, you also have to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements on Accounting, Corporate Tax, Human Resources, Payroll, and much more.

On top of that, outsourcing your business processes can become a problem in itself, due to a variety of potential complications: language barriers and miscommunications, unprecedented fines and fees, lack of expertise, and poor quality of service in general.

Outsourcing your business processes can become a problem in itself.

If you want to take advantage of Vietnam’s lucrative market but are struggling to keep up with its many adversities, outsourcing with a reliable partner is a must in your business strategy.

As part of InCorp Asia, InCorp Vietnam (formerly Cekindo) offers highly qualified, all-inclusive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for convenient prices.

We are present in 8 countries across APAC and have acquired over 15,000 clients with over 30 years of experience in market entry.

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Here is a detailed list of our available services:

We made the most detailed step-by-step guide to setting up a business in Vietnam for investors, now available as an interactive checklist:

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Reasons why you might need to switch to outsourcing or change your current service provider

  1. You need a fully bilingual team that’s well-versed in English and Vietnamese regulations and has considerable experience working with foreign companies, in addition to a capable account manager* specifically assigned to keep track of all your procedures.
  2. Your internal team has limited manpower and resources for business processes. Migrating them externally will make space and time for bigger-picture planning.
  3. You’re having problems with or worrying about turnover in your internal department.
  4. You want to ensure absolute confidentiality of all your tax, accounting, HR, and payroll activities.
  5. You’re struggling to keep up with the frequent changes and updates in Vietnamese laws in order to maintain legal compliance.
  6. You’re frustrated with having to pay for your outsourcing provider’s mistakes, and want to see a guarantee of service quality.
  7. You want a service provider with no hidden fees** that incur after your quotation has been finalized.
  8. You want to approach your problems with multiple creative, expert-approved solutions to choose from instead of a single-minded route.

* You will not be reassigned to a junior business consultant/delivery team member with lower qualifications (including linguistic) after the sale has been completed.

** You only pay for what is detailed in your received quotation and will not be charged for any provider-related costs and penalties outside of the scope of the quotation (unless an unexpected national update occurs).

Switch to InCorp without losing your momentum

Switch your Accounting Outsourcing provider to InCorp:

  • Fill out our checklist with your company’s information and needs
  • Send in your financial statements and account book/ledger for auditing
  • Receive an assessment of your company’s documents and financial status
  • Receive a draft quotation for your chosen services

Once you give the green light, we will contact your previous accountant for hard copies of the documents, e-signatures, etc. After that, the service transfer will be underway and you can start enjoying our benefits.

Switch your HR Outsourcing provider to InCorp:

  • Fill out our checklist with your company’s information and needs
  • Share your current data and paperwork with us for assessment
  • Receive a full audit of your HR compliance and payroll management to identify 
  • Join a consultation with our HR professionals for elaborating on any necessary adjustments to be made and how we can help 

Once we’ve identified any and all issues with your current HR and payroll system, we can send you a quotation for recommended services. You’ll be able to request changes (if any) and/or assistance with the quotation. With your approval, we’ll start the transfer process right away.

None of the stress, all the success

Don’t take our word for it. Read the latest reviews from our clients!

To make your process even easier and more confident, we’d like to offer you a 10% discount on our services. Be sure to mention this page during your consultation with our team.

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