Episode 2: Jessica Marber, Is It Meat?

Michael Claro

About This Episode:

We talk to Jessica Marber, Managing Director of Is It Meat?, a plant based foods company in ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

About The Company:

Is It Meat? is a plant-based meat company based in Ho Chi Minh City. The idea behind Is It Meat? is to create nutritious plant-based meats without compromising on taste. Is It Meat? products contain similar amounts (or more) proteins as their animal meat equivalents, with no antibiotics, no hormones, no cholesterol and no animal cruelty. They are also full of B vitamins! Why should you have to sacrifice the crunch and taste of that burger patty and those nuggets you so often crave? Why give up the flavour of those beautiful breakfast sausages if you can have an alternative, which makes you and the planet feel good?

Find out more:  https://www.facebook.com/isitmeat

About Cekindo Vietnam:

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