Benefits of Outsourcing Your Recruitment Needs

  • Tailor-made Recruitment Setup

    We evolve with you to accommodate your unique business requirements and recruitment needs in Vietnam and throughout the Asia Pacific.

  • Access to Skilled Workers

    As a mature headhunter in Vietnam, we have a wide network that allows us access to a large talent pool of bilingual and skilled workers to fit your needs.

  • APAC leader in Corporate Services

    As a member of InCorp group, based in Singapore, our network is an industry leader in the region for corporate services helping companies expand throughout the Asia Pacific.

  • Integrated HR solutions

    Our A-Z services include everything you need to setup your team in Vietnam, including headhunting, labor regulations, HR setup, payroll, insurance, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing your Recruitment Needs

Recruitment Needs in Vietnam

Recruitment Needs in Vietnam

Proper recruitment is essential to your business growth. Suitable and well-qualified employees support your overall strategies and help bring the company’s success to life. However, in Vietnam, working practices and culture are quite atypical, compared to the west, investors may find it extremely challenging and time-consuming to hire ideal candidates with the right skills for the team. With a 21% average annual turnover rate, one of the world’s highest, hiring a well-qualified team who will stay with you throughout your expansion journey, is by no means easy.

In addition, HR tasks in Vietnam call for thoughtful execution due to many laws and regulations stipulated by the Government, regarding area minimum wages, employers’ obligations, payroll, taxation, social insurance, and foreign laborers’ work permit applications. And for a company to operate well, these tasks need to be handled with consideration and great expertise.

Incorp Vietnam’s A-Z Recruitment Services

Headhunting Needs in Vietnam

Headhunting Needs in Vietnam

As in the case of most emerging markets across the world, Vietnam still lags when it comes to providing quality education and relevant training to its workforce.

Finding talent with the right mix of language abilities, education, and skillset to match the needs of your company is tough. When you outsource your headhunting to an established company with an established track record puts you ahead of the game.

We have a wide network to source the right talent for you, no matter what industry your business is in.

Permanent Placement

Permanent Placement

With Vietnam’s economy set to dominate in the region after 2030, most foreign firms are looking for long-term investments and permanent establishment of operations in the country.

If your company’s needs sound familiar you will be needing long-term permanent employees with contracts that are compliant and registered with the labor department.

We ensure that your future employees not only match the requirements and culture of your company but we also make sure that your local workforce setup is 100% compliant with Vietnamese regulations.

Our Recruitment Process

Finding the ideal candidate for your business needs includes the following steps:

Analyse Recruitment needs

Understand the hiring needs of the client including the scope & specifications of your talent acquisition needs in Vietnam.

Talent Scouting

Our headhunting starts with efficient usage of our established database and network to bring in the right candidates for the job.


The second step is creating a shortlist of the best candidates that suit the job description for your company, taking into account: Education, Skillset, Language Proficiency & Experience.


Based on your requirements, we will arrange interviews between you and the candidate to make sure his skill set and language level meet your expectations.

Offer letter

Once the final candidate is chosen, we will send them an offer letter and confirm this data with your company.


Finally, we will arrange for the employee to be welcomed and onboarded into your company.

Add-on Service: Payroll & HR Setup

Once the team is onboarded, you have to register with the labor department, set up payroll, and pay social insurance so that your employees are well-taken care of and all legal aspects of your workforce are taken care of.

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A foreign national must get a work permit in order to work in Vietnam. A business visa or a residence card is insufficient legal permission. The only exception is if a foreigner receives exemption certification and complies with the exemption standards, which include, among other things, belonging to a limited liability corporation with one or more members or serving on the board of directors of a Vietnamese joint stock company.

No, they are two different things. In general, independent contractors usually decide the way they operate based on their schedule. Companies hire them on a project-to-project basis and they often bring their own materials to work on the projects.Perhaps, the biggest difference between hiring a full-time employee and hiring an independent contractor is that you as an employer are not obligated to pay for the independent contractor's social security, medical insurance and unemployment taxes.

Attracting the best talent (many companies have no idea how), low-skilled workforce, employer branding and changing recruitment market are among the recruitment challenges that are yet to be tackled by companies in Vietnam.

There are many benefits of outsourcing your recruitment in Vietnam, with the most noteworthy ones include cost reduction, hiring time reduction and hire quality.

Even though building an internal recruitment team sounds appeal, later on you will learn how overwhelming the recruitment and human resources tasks really are. Interview, payroll, tax and these are just some. Not to mention, an internal recruitment team needs to keep up with the latest changes in regulations that may happen regularly.

As a professional executive search agent, Cekindo helps promote job vacancies, screen and shortlist applicants, conduct pre-interviews and arrange final interview with applicants. This can also be topped up with an employee background check.

As your HR outsourcing provider, Cekindo signs a standard employment agreement with an outsourced employee. After this, we take care of the employee’s payroll in coordination with your company. Cekindo is also responsible for paying the salary to the employee.

Throughout the years, our HR specialists have had extensive experience in an array of industries. They possess the required skills and ability to ask the right questions, regardless of industry.

As a leading recruitment outsourcing provider in Vietnam, Cekindo offers comprehensive services. To check references and qualifications, we will perform an in-depth background check on candidates.

Before entering into any agreement with our clients, we sign a data protection agreement to ensure that all data are kept confidential across all involved activities.

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