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The Perks of Having a Temporary Residence Card in Vietnam

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Easy travel and cost-saving

A TRC typically has a validity period of two to five years and can meet the need to save time, money, and other resources. In addition, stays in Vietnam are lengthened, eliminating the need to leave and return for “visa runs.” Additionally, entry and re-entry processes into Vietnam are made simpler.

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Apartment purchase

Foreigners typically find buying real estate in Vietnam challenging before having the TRC. But when they got it, it was simple for them to have their apartment in Vietnam.

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Getting a driving license

Foreigners may take the test for a Vietnamese driving license if they are at least 18 years old, have a valid TRC of Vietnam, and have been in Vietnam for more than three months.

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Who is Eligible?

  • Temporary residence cards bearing the symbol NG3 are issued to foreigners serving in diplomatic missions, consular posts, representative offices of UN agencies abroad, intergovernmental organizations in Vietnam, and their spouses, minor children, and housekeepers who accompany them while on duty.
  • Foreign nationals having the following visa types: LV1, LV2, ĐT, NN1, NN2, PV1, LĐ, and TT will receive temporary residency cards bearing the same symbols.

Visa types eligible for TRC

People working with the departments, agencies and units under the central Communist Party of Vietnam
People working with political and social organization, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam.
Maximum of 12 months

Managers of representative offices or projects of international organizations and foreign non-governmental organizations in Vietnam
Heads of representative offices, branches of foreign traders, representative offices of other foreign economic, cultural, professional organizations in Vietnam
Maximum of 12 months

Foreigner who is spouse, children under 18 years of age of the foreigner
Maximum of 12 months

Foreign investors in Vietnam and representatives of foreign organizations investing in VIetnam with a capital contribution of at least VND100 billion
Foreign investors in Vietnam and representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam with a capital contribution of VND50-under VND100 billion
Foreign investors in Vietnam and representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam with a capital contribution of VND3-under VND50 billion.
Foreign investors in Vietnam and representatives of foreign organizations investing in Vietnam with a capital contribution of less than VND3 billion.
12 months - maximum of 5 years

Journalists with permanent residence in Vietnam.
Maximum of 12 months

Foreigners who work in Vietnam with work permit exemption certificate
Maximum of 2 years
Representative Office

Required Documentation

1. Application materials for a temporary resident card include the following:
  • A formal letter from the inviting entity
  • A declaration bearing a picture
  • Passport
  • Papers proving the status mentioned in Article 36
2. The following steps must be taken to process a temporary resident card application:
  • The applicatin for the temporary residency card must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs competent authority by the diplomatic mission, consular office, or other organization the foreigner in Vietnam has applied with.
  • The inviting entity must submit the foreign national's application for issuing a temporary residence card to the immigration authority in the same administrative division as their business or residence.
  • The immigration authorities or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs competent authority must consider providing the temporary residence card within five working days of receiving adequate documentation.

For sponsor company

  • Employers in Vietnam hiring foreigners must ensure the candidates are qualified for the positions they fill.
  • Not all workers in Vietnam are allowed to do so, even if they have a valid entry visa. They may require a work permit.
  • Anyone with a criminal record who applies to work in Vietnam is ineligible.

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