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Food and Beverage Registration Services in Vietnam
Food And Beverage Registration Vietnam

Why Invest in the Food and Beverage Industry in Vietnam?

Consumption of food and drink products accounts for about 15.8 percent of the Vietnamese GDP , and this percentage is forecast to rise in the future.

Furthermore, Vietnam is expected to become a developed & high-income nation by 2045 spurring further growth of the F&B industry. It is further predicted that the F&B industry will see one of the most prominent growth in all of Asia, the Vietnamese food and beverage sector happens to be one of the most appealing to foreign investors due to the ever-expanding middle class. Currently, thirty-five percent of Vietnamese food and beverage consumption is based on Western food, mainly because of the growing number of foreign food and beverage brands found in the country, coupled with the ever-expanding middle class.

Food Labeling in Vietnam

Every food that is distributed and sold in Vietnam is required to have a label on the outside, except for unpacked raw food, unpacked fresh food, and processed food.

A food label should contain at least the following information:

Food Labeling Name

Food Name

Food Producer Information

Name and Address of The Producer, Importer, Assembler

Food Weight and Volume Vietnam

Weight & Volume

Food Ingredients Vietnam


Food Country of Origin Vietnam

Country of Origin

F&B Storage Instructions Vietnam

Storage Instructions

F&B Use Instructions Vietnam

Use Instructions

Food Production Date & Expiration Date Vietnam

Production Date & Expiration Date

Food that is categorized as either functional, irradiated, genetically modified or additives must have this additional information on the label.

Rules and Regulations for F&B Product Registration in Vietnam

To successfully import food and beverages into Vietnam, importers must strictly adhere to the regulations of food safety, stated by the local law. In case of minor changes, such as the size of the package and the information on the label, it is required to obtain approval from the VFA (Vietnam Food Safety Authority). Other changes may require a new Certificate of Conformity Declaration. A consultation with a specialist is necessary to avoid non-compliance that may lead to penalties and sanctions.

F&b import requirements

All importers must satisfy the following food and beverage import requirements:
  • Customs declaration by preparing a set of required documents
  • E-customs registration is available but importers must register through the Vietnam Automated Cargo and Post-consolidated System first
  • Declaration forms must be submitted in advance or within 30 days of product arrival. There are three types of inspection: simplified, ordinary, and strict, depending on the type of food and beverage
  • Get a delivery order by preparing documents such as a signed bill of lading, importing operator details, and seal, among others
  • Provide the customs declaration result and pay for the value-added tax (VAT) and import tax

Required Documentation for F&B Product Registration

There are many documents that need to be submitted to complete the process of importing food and beverages into Vietnam, depending on the type of food and beverage that will be imported into Vietnam. Among them, the most common and important ones are:
  • Certificate of Food Safety and Hygiene Standards: to certify that high-risk products comply with the hygiene and safety standards in Vietnam
  • Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice: to certify that a manufacturing site and the manufacturing methods fulfill the requirements of good manufacturing practice
  • Certificate of Analysis: to certify that proper physical, chemical, and microbiological tests have been performed in the country of origin
  • Declaration of Conformity: to confirm that products that have potential risks that can be harmful conform to the standards implemented in Vietnam

F&b product registration

Producers who intend to distribute their products at the Vietnamese market must self-announce food safety quality and compliance to the Ministry of Health. Noticeably, it is companies that are liable for safety issues of their products, and thus food standards should not be underestimated. Furthermore, the application dossier should have several documents such as:
  • The food safety data sheet is issued within 12 months before the self-declaration is made by a designated laboratory or a laboratory complying with ISO 17025; the datasheet must specify safety indicators prescribed by the Ministry of Health
  • Product samples
  • Product labels
  • Enterprise registration certificate (ERC)
  • Certificate of Free Sale or Health Certificate
  • Product profile
  As of July 2019, the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) is a mandatory part of the application package. However, it depends on what your product is.

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Prior to distributing your product in Vietnam, you will have to register them at an adequate authority based on the kind of imported products. As only a Vietnamese legal entity can register products, you will need to find either a reliable local distributor or set up a foreign-owned company.

Yes and no. It is very important to choose a reliable distributor because he/she will register the product under their company and become the product licence holder as well as the import licence holder. We offer undername import services and thus registering your product under Cekindo. In this case, you do not need to worry about the trustworthiness of this deal. Furthermore, Cekindo does not request the right of exclusivity, so you are allowed to have more sub-distributors.

Cekindo’s clients usually request registration of products from the following categories: Cosmetics, Medical devices, Food and beverages such as wine, Health supplements

There are three different authorities, namely the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

The requirements and product registration procedure may be different as both tobacco products and medicines are not categorised as food, according to the local regulations.

Yes, it is important to know whether your food product is packaged food, functional food or nutritional food. As the name says, packaged food is food that is packaged and can be eaten directly or require further processing. Functional food is food that is good for the body. For example it can boost the immune system or support body organs. Nutritional food contains nutritions to prevent shortage of minerals, vitamins and other important elements the body needs.

Of course. You can export wine, beer and spirits to Vietnam. However, specific technical regulations may apply. Consult with a specialist for detailed information.

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