Benefits of Agile Organizational Consulting in Vietnam

  • Empowered high-performance teams

  • Resilient organizations in an unpredictable and complex environment

  • Access to proven practices, tools, and principles to be able to sustainably grow in a new environment

Organizational Consulting in Vietnam

Agile – What you need to know

Agile is a set of values and principles, which helps organizations make better and more adaptive decisions; therefore, being able to respond to the changing and uncertain environment.

How can Agile help your company in a rising market like Vietnam?

Agile Management Consulting Vietnam

As we have seen in the last 2 years, nobody can be ready for every eventual and possible change the future may bring. Organizations, therefore, need to be able to respond and react swiftly to those changes.

Entering a new market, such as Vietnam, is such an uncertain environment. Understanding and organizing by Agile values and principles will make your organization NOT ready for the future but PREPARED for everything the future may bring.

The Agile Process to Assist you in doing business in Vietnam

Agile Organization Workshop

Agile Workshop Vietnam

In a kick-start workshop, we will address the foundations of Agile and why Agile is in place: Why do we need agile? What is an Agile Organization? Which principles to follow?

We address the following 7 principles:

  • self-organized, x-functional & competent teams
  • focus on customer value
  • change of role of management from controllers to facilitators
  • inspirational vision
  • enable continuous improvement
  • iterative & incremental delivery
  • transparency
Consultation on Processes & Structures based on Agile principles

Consultation on Processes & Structures based on Agile principles

We will collaborate with the client on how to kick-start an Agile way of working in the company depending on their context and accompany the organization with their decision-makers on a process to ensure the implementation of an Agile mindset with its 7 principles.

Consultation of Enablement of Agile Cultures & Values Vietnam

Consultation of Enablement of Agile Cultures & Values

After setting up the appropriate structures, we need to ensure, that the way of working and structures is scalable. Therefore, based on the structure and process to enable continuous excellence towards Agility, we will accompany key people (for example the top Leadership team in Vietnam) to ensure that the company throughout has an Agile mindset. We might work mostly with HR and leadership teams as enablers and facilitators of the right structures.

Branch Office Registration Vietnam

Advisory & Coaching

After the Organization is structured, set up and has the right, tools and processes, it is necessary to stay disciplined on the new and engaging way of working. Often, when organizations are suddenly coming under pressure, it is far too easy to fall into old habits. Regular Advisory & Coaching can help the organization and its key people to stay on track and think out of the box for solutions to stay resilient, rather than look for quick fixes.

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