How to Register your Trademark in Vietnam?

Register your Trademark
In general, a trademark is defined as anything that distinctly separates a person, a firm or a legal entity. It is considered intellectual property (IP), and therefore the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam is the primary authority body approving trademark applications. In a developing country like Vietnam, piracy is still prevalent. With that being said, even renowned international brands may suffer from trademark infringement. Registering your trademark in Vietnam early will help to protect your rights. Once done, you can take legal action and file lawsuits against the unauthorized use of your trademark. Since it takes up to two years to obtain a trademark certificate, you are highly advised to register your trademark as soon as possible, especially when the rule “first-come-first-served” applies.

The Procedure of Trademark Registration in Vietnam

No Name of Documents Notes
1 Declaration for registration According to the form of State Agencies
2 Samples of trademarks attached
3 Proof of payment of fees and charges to the State Agencies
  • Application fee: 150,000 VND
  • Application publication fee: 120,000 VND
  • Searching fee for content examination: 180,000 VND/01 group of products and services
  • Searching fee for the 7th and above product or service: 30,000 VND/01 product or service
  • Examination fee of content: 550,000 VND/01 group of products and services
  • Examination fee of content for the 7th and above product or service: 120,000 VND /1 product or service
4 Power of Attorney In case of applying through a representative
5 Documents certifying the permission to use special signs In case the trademark required to protected containing symbols, flags, badges of domestic and international agencies and organizations, etc
6 Documents proving the right to register In case such right is acquired by the applicant from another person
7 Documents evidencing the priority right If the application has the requirement for priority right

What to know About Registering Your Trademark

Time-limit for processing trademark applications

From the date of receipt by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (“NOIP”), the trademark registration application shall be considered in the following order:
  • Form examination: 1 month
  • Application publication: within 2 months since the date the trademark registration application has a Decision on acceptance of a valid application
  • Content examination: not exceeding 9 months from the date of application publication.

In fact, the above time for trademark registration can be extended up to 18 – 24 months for the following reasons:

  • The number of applications registered at the NOIP is increasing, so the application examination shall take longer
  • Application forms are required to be amended or supplemented due to errors in the form of documents and dossiers

Means of applying

  • Submit directly/by post to the registered office of NOIP
  • Submit online through the Online public service portal of the NOIP

The validity of the certificate of trademark registration

10 years from the date of issuance. And it can be renewed for several consecutive times, for each ten years

Trademark Registration in Vietnam with Cekindo

Intellectual Property Right Consultant Vietnam

Intellectual Property Right Consultant

It is mandatory for foreign applicants of trademark registrations to file for the processing of their application via a local IP consultant with a signed Power of Attorney and Declaration of Entitlement such as Cekindo.
Trademark Market Research Vietnam

Trademark Market Research

Cekindo will make sure that the trademark you intend to register has not been already registered by a different entity. We will also confirm that your trademark is in compliance with the Trademark Act and values in Vietnam.
Certified Translation Vietnam

Certified Translation

As your trademark application must be submitted in the Vietnamese language, Cekindo is able to provide translation services. All your requested documents will be translated accordingly so that they are understood by native Vietnamese.
Trademark Application Vietnam

Trademark Application

Once all documents have been prepared and translated, your trademark registration application is ready to go. Cekindo will do all the required preparation and submit the application on your behalf.

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1. Declaration for registration
2. Sample of trademark attached
3. Proof of payment of fee and charges to the State Agencies
4. Power of attorney
5. Documents certifying the permission to use special signs
6. Documents proving the right to register
7. Documents evidencing the priority right

On paper, it takes 11 months for the trademark registration process to be completed, which can be broken down into (Form examination: 1 month; Application publication: 2 months; Content examination: 9 months). In fact, this process might be extended by up to 18–24 months based on the current amount of work at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam ("NOIP") or due to errors in the application form.

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